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You Have An Enemy, Dr Brennan It Is In Your Interest To Learn Who Placed That CallA Routine Case Turns Sinister When Dr Temperance Brennan Is Accused Of Mishandling The Autopsy Of A Missing Heiress Someone Has Made An Incriminating Accusation That She Missed Or Concealed Crucial Evidence Before Tempe Can Get To The One Man With Information, He Turns Up Dead The Heiress Isn T The Only Elderly Female To Have Appeared On Tempe S Gurney Recently Back In Montreal, Three Women Have Died, Their Bodies Brutally Discarded Tempe Is Convinced There S A Link Between Their Deaths And That Of The Heiress But What Or Who Connects Them Tempe Struggles With The Clues, But Nothing Adds Up Has She Made Grave Errors Or Is Some Unknown For Sabotaging Her It Soon Becomes Frightening Clear It S Not Simply Tempe S Career At Risk Her Life Is At Stake Too At 20 pages in, I was already annoyed by the author s habit of taking paragraphs of description, slapping quotation marks around it, and calling it dialogue And yet, I carried on to the bitter end Which I saw coming a mile away.This isn t one of Tempe s greatest hits The crimes are unremarkable for the genre, anyway and the twists are less than twisty Plus the Brennan Ryan romance is back in its tedious will they again or won t they again mode.My biggest beef is that Reichs is clearly using the novel as a megaphone with which to complain about uncertified experts practicing forensics And while I agree that I d much rather have a board certified forensic anthropologist examining my dry dessicated corpse, I really don t need Reichs to take a sledgehammer and beat that opinion into my skull. Kathy Reichs used to be my favorite author, and I don t know if she s gotten into a rut, or if I m just no longer enad with her style, but either way, this book didn t do it for me It was too self aware, too precious, too bogged down in details I used to enjoy the technical medical details that Reichs includes, but this time I found myself skimming entire paragraphs I was also annoyed w the excessively complicated plot line as in past books, many seemingly unrelated deaths turn out to have a connection it s clever, but confusing I start to forget which case is which I ve also become tired of the protagonist finding herself in harm s way, kidnapped, beaten, left for dead at least in this book, it was accidental, she was not knowingly doing something risky when she was abducted However, I found it HIGHLY annoying that the book starts with the good doctor already trapped, and then backtracks to the story as she remembers In the end, the criminals and the motive were believable, which was nice. I am the type of reader who hooks into a series that is already established and reads each book in order, one after the other I started the Temperance Brennan novels a few months back, and have read each book in succession Maybe I have read too many in too short a period of time, but the formula is wearing thin, and Tempe is becoming annoyingly arrogant This book especially focuses on board certification, and while I m sure Ms Reichs can attest to its importance, I found the repeated message to be irritating I rolled my eyes in a way that would put Katy to shame many times Besides, the plotline indicates that the mistakes were made by a not only uncertified person, but a criminal grossly untrained, working under an assumed name doesn t go very far to lend credence to her overall point Am I the only one who wonders how scarred Tempe s face must be by now She is always falling, scraping, breaking, and being clonked about the head The girl should put on a helmet with a facemask before she goes outside Maybe Ms Reichs should have Tempe rescue someone else for a change solve the forensic puzzle and have it lead her to the clues needed to rescue someone else, rather than having the truth come to her in a brain addled rush all at once. Blech I think Reichs may be losing it I have been a past fan of hers for many years and have read everything she wrote but I think she may be resting on her laurels Temperence Brennan has turned into a misanthropic curmudgeon who is pretty unlikeable This story was disjointed with subplots plopped in willy nilly Unrealistically Tempe stays with Pete s extended family her ex in laws with whom she has a wonderful relationship How realistic is that Could be, but unlikely She goes on and on about the Latvian community in Chicago in one subplot with Ryan insinuating himself into the family How realistic is that I don t think so It was not well edited e.g Temperance has her window blown out in her apartment but we really never find out whether it was a shot or a rock when the cops come She just calls the cops and Ryan finds out and she puts plywood over it And Then we learn at the very end who and what happened To make matters worse IT WAS PREACHY Hey, I hate that there are incompetent people in my profession too But to go on and on about board certification is ENUF already The most likeable character in this series with the most staying power has proved to be Birdie at this point. With her 12th Bones book, Kathy Reichs decided to mix it up a little bit Instead of saving Tempe s inevitable abduction for the very end, she opens the book with it and then takes us back to the beginning of the case so we could see how Tempe ended up in peril.Nice try, Reichs, but the real way to mix it up would be to stop having your heroine get kidnapped at all Its ridiculousness is right up there with how many times Chloe and Lois have each been knocked out on Smallville I d make a drinking game out of it, except I don t want people dying of alcohol poisoning.And that really sums up my feelings about this series at this point It takes a really skilled writer to keep things fresh after a dozen books Jim Butcher has that skill Jim Butcher has mad skills Kathy Reichs, not so much Sometimes she spins a really intriguing mystery, and sometimes she just spins It s been a few books since I felt really invested in the homicide Tempe and Detective Ryan investigated I m hoping it s just a matter of personal taste rather than Reichs burning out. Why read Love the seriesWhat impressed me Three dead women, seemingly unconnected, plus Tempe trapped means a whole lot of mystery going on The details were easy to follow, the solutions always a surprise And while I ve always been a fan of Ryan, all of his scenes with Tempe s former in laws were hilarious and made me love him even .What disappointed me The back and forth between the past investigations and Tempe being trapped annoyed me I think it was supposed to heighten the tension, but it seemed like Tempe just flailing around and passing out every couple of chapters.Recommended I definitely wouldn t suggest 206 Bones as your first Temperance Brennan book, but series fans shouldn t miss it.Continue series Yes Sticking with Tempe to the end. I love me some David Boreanaz Way before there was Team Edward, there was Angel, the tortured vampire with a soul from Buffy the Vampire Slayer What does David Boreanaz have to do with a Kathy Reichs novel, you ask Nothing except that he now plays a characters on Bones, a television show VERY loosely based on Kathy Reichs character Temperance Brennan I give you this background on DB as an explanation for my love of said show, despite the fact that the only things that the show and Kathy Reich s actual books have in common is the name of the main character and her profession If you want the REAL Temperance Brennan, you have to read the books.Like her latest book, 206 Bones There s a lot going on in this one, even though it is one of her shorter books There is a sabotage plot, a serial murderer, and a 40 year old missing person s case The best part Andrew Ryan, the hot Quebecois police officer, is back He s done with the mother of the child he just found about about, and he is ready to get back to business with Tempe Question is, is she ready for him I for one am rooting for them to get back together hot guys that speak French are quite a catch As usual, the story is fast paced, and there is lots of really interesting forensic anthropological goodness The title of the book, of course, refers to the number of bones in the human body One thing of interest for Chicago dwellers is that the setting for the first part of the book is Elmhurst Tempe, who s originally from Illinois, comes back to visit her former in laws, and while here she gets sucked into a missing persons case I so enjoyed reading that part of the book the body is found at the Thornton Quarry, just below the bridge that take Interstates 294 and 80 over the large hole in the ground where my daughter thought the Flintstones lived when she was little This is, oh, about five minutes from my house I drive over that bridge so often it doesn t even trigger my bridge phobia Every step of their time in Chicago was recognizable to meI love it when an author takes the time to get the details right.I have to admit, I ve felt let down by the last couple Reichs books It seemed like she was phoning it in, and I thought that maybe concentrating on the show was taking away from her writing But this book gives me hope that we are going to get out of the doldrums and get back to the fascinating exploration of forensic anthropology that is a Temperance Brennan novel. Pretty good audio 206 Bones is just another book in the Temperance Brennan series where she finds herself in trouble It s pretty consistent so I just knew before diving in that something crazy was going to happen Just like in the TV show, Bones, Tempe is kidnapped She s in danger and doesn t really know where she is until the end of the book Of course, she s betrayed by someone that was working with which a good twist I liked this book because I wasn t really dealing with Ryan being a dumb guy Or their relationship going through something stupid I mean, he still was a jerk in some ways when he was drinking. but people usually are The case that Tempe was working on was pretty interesting but I will admit. I did, at one point, lose interest Not because I was bored with the book. but I just kind of ended up daydreaming about something else lol Or my dog would just be annoying and want my love Overall, I enjoyed the audio and I can t wait to dive into the next one I m hoping that Brennan will change her ways and not be so easily to catch. but eh, I m not that hopeful either.