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Angels Don T Play This HAARP Advances In Tesla Technology By Dr Nick Begich And Jeane Manning Is A Book Gaining Wide Publicity Throughout The United States Having Been Featured On Hundreds Of Radio Programs, News Reports And Television Programs This Book Was Named One Of The Most Important Books Of By Project Censored The News That Didn T Make The News The Book Is The Subject Of Talk Radio Programs Six To Twelve Times A Month On Both National And Regional Programs The Book Is In Its Third English Printing Since Being Released In September, Translations Were Released In Japan And Germany In The US Military S First Target Is The Electrojet A River Of Electricity That Flows Thousands Of Miles Through The Sky And Down Into The Polar Icecap The Electrojet Will Become A Vibrating Artificial Antenna For Sending Electromagnetic Radiation Raining Down On The Earth The US Military Can Then X Ray The Earth And Talk To Submarines But There S Much They Can Do With HAARP This Book Reveals Surprises From Secret Meetings Highly informative, a mind changing look at technology that is and will effect the world as we know it Although, written in 1995 the information is totally relevant today. Fascinating and frightening I know that HAARP is real as it has been briefly covered by main stream media but if Begich and Manning are right, misuse of this technology could seriously contribute to global disaster There is an updated version of this book that I hope to read soon. Fascinating I knew the patents were out there, and they don t get issued without a reasonable scale working model But maybe the military should leave our atmosphere alone After all, we need it.