Best The Power of StyleAuthor Annette Tapert –

I came across this book while reading another book This book is of a survey Wikipedia style of a dozen or so style makers of the late 19th and 20th centuries All of the expected women are here Jackie Kennedy, Coco Chanel, etc , but there are also several lesser known women I enjoyed this book because it gave me brief, limited knowledge on women I knew nothing about it s fine that the knowledge is limited because I m unlikely to need this knowledge much in the future The pictures were especially appreciated I wish there had been. I enjoyed reading about the women who shaped fashion in the last century This books gives a brief summary of each woman s life and why she is considered a style icon I do wish the authors had gone into a bit detail about the how and not just the why But overall it is an interesting read. Reveals The Inner Qualities Of Remarkable Women Who Define Style In Ways That Have Lasted For Generations Witty And Fascinating Excursions Into The Worlds Of Coco Chanel, Pauline De Rothschild, Diana Vreeland, Elsie De Wolfe, And Others Are Captured In Lavish Photographs And Entertaining Anecdotes We Discover Not Only The Preeminent Influence That These Women Held Over Fashion And Culture, But Also The Wry, Often Poignant Tales Of Their Personal Lives Full Color Photographs This book had a lot of substance to go with the style Rather than being completely fluffy, which is what I expected, it offered interesting biographies and squeezed in some thoughts on why certain people leave an indelible mark on our culture Very enjoyable It also made me want to follow up and read some of the books written by the women it profiled. There is nothing I love than a classic and this is it It s staple for all fashion lovers. It was fine repetitive Not my area of interest but captivated me for a sec Especially Rita Lydig totally reminds me of my mother Had everything, could have been than beautiful but chose not to be Aged poor and alone Very Grey Gardens A very long slog to finish this Text was difficult to read as it was double column and in a font that had little eye appeal The sentence structure just did not flow except in a few chapters and I m not sure if that was because I was interested in those subjects or if the two authors split the work and I liked one s style over the other The photos were interesting but I often wished that a picture of a signature look or a portrait that was described had been shown as well The book was written in 1994 but for some reason felt like a product of the 1930s I was only really aware of a few of the women covered and was pleased to fill in my knowledge of some of these earlier style makers Not so much about fashion as about style in the broader sense including dress, interior design, entertaining expertise and fame. Sort of interesting but scattered A lot of intriguing things alluded to but not ever spelled out A lot of jumping around chronologically which I thought was messy and poorly edited Although beautiful and stylish none of these women seemed to have happy lives IMO Basically contained puff pieces with photos I ve read biographies of a few of these women and found info there and a lot left out here I assume because a few of these women were still alive when published and due to content being from interviews with family and friends. I have this on my bookshelf and enjoy picking through the mini biographies of these women over and over again. I got this book because I was interested in Millicent Rogers, having just been to her museum in New Mexico While all these women had intriguing stories, it was pretty challenging to not view them all as wealthy, spoiled white women which they all were I could have no compassion or empathy for them because they were all so privileged The photographs and drawings were fascinating though and the only thing that redeemed the book.