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Fifteen Year Old Eve Evergold Is Cute, Sassy And Enjoying A Busy Social Life What She Doesn T Know Yet Is That Someone Close To Her Is An Evil Demon That Only She Has The Supernatural Power To Defeat She Needs To Work Out Who It Is And Fast Because Although There S Something Very Attractive About The Dark Sidedating A Demon Pure Hell

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    Shadows is the first novel in dark touch series by Amy Meredith I picked up this book because of its trendy cover It s edgy YA supernatural paranormal storyThe story is about Fifteen years old Eve Evergold, who lived in small town Deepdene where everyone knew each other As the year begin two new boys moved into town one was minister s kid Luke and the other mysteries fellow Mal Some mysterious things started to happen as the year started Some of the girls were seeing shadows and having nightmares about demon sucking their soul These girls soon went crazy On the other hand, Eve was discovering some strange power in herself She could feel electric charge in her fingers She could move things without touching To find out about her powers and the thing that happened to other girls she took help of Luke and her best friend Jess They soon found out that she was the great great great granddaughter of Deepdene s witch She also had acquired crush on mal and he invites her to his house There suddenly she realized that mal is the demon and he tried to suck her soul but she killed him Story end where Eve is thinking that either she has killed mal or send him back to hell.I enjoyed Eve and Jess s friendship and their fashion talk, what I didn t like was saving of Deepdene was solemnly resting only on Eve s shoulder Other than that I enjoyed this book.if you like to read paranormal and supernatural things than this book is a perfect pick for you.Detailed Review Link

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    This was a really disappointing book I had high expectations for this book, mainly because of the beautiful cover art I constantly find myself being drawn to really dark books, so this one seemed quite appealing.I really do not do this often But the second I read This one wasn t supposed to be scary, Jess said I heard it was going to be like a Twilight movie I started noting the likeness of the novel to Twilight by Stephenie Meyer.Like I said, I seldom make judgments about connections a book has with another Only if it extremely obvious that the author might as well stamp a big copyright symbol on the cover.Things that I noticed that sounded very familiar Small town check Mysterious, sexy, old fashioned, new boy checkShallow main character checkBest friend of said character who is just as shallow checkSecond new boy who becomes close with main checksecond new boy starts lusting after main checkand the list definitely goes onAt one point, I was tempted to just give up reading the novel altogether It became so predictable that there was really no point in reading further.Here s an example, Eve main character goes off on her own when Katy has to buy detergent for her mother Eve goes strolling along on her own, and the streets are deserted I m thinking, Huh Funny if she ran into some guys who were going to follow her So, she s on her own and she sees four guys in the distance big surprise Takes a peek at them, one spots her Eve suddenly thinks, crap, not a good idea and turns away from them, they start following her They re calling her names, and she s panicking, one grabs her and she ends up zapping him with her all new power This surprised me because I was so certain that sexy mysterious boy would show up and save her Then all of a sudden, sexy mysterious boy shows up and saves her Tells the guys to leave her alone or they ll have to deal with him So then all my thoughts of surprise pretty much deteriorated Eve is surprised and worships her hero for rescuing her See what I mean Will the similarities never end All I have to say is this, the book was disappointing, and why someone would publish this I have no idea Since one is already enough Anyway, that s just my opinion and there are many people who may disagree.

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    Read it at Tia s house I m pretty sure I read this one night when I was staying over at Tia s, yep, I was that bored She was addicted to Sims at that point I don t see the appeal and spent most of the night on that or watching Dexter I see the appeal in that, I mean who doesn t love a good serial killer And he can t hurt me, I m in Australia, Dexter is in Miami Ha I can t remember a lot of the book But I remember the basic plot and the characters, and the sucky as all hell, just give in to the lust already romance I guess I do remember the book after all But because my memory is all over the place Let s do a list We shall call the list Sita s Findings Right, let s begin.1 The book was very short, finished it in about an hour I think 2 It was set in a rich peoples town3 The main girl and the main guy should just hook up already4 The main guy what s his face is a priests son 5 The main girl kills fights demons6 The main girl is a witch7 The main girl is friends with someone who opens a door to hell8 She dates a demon9 This book was predictable10 This book was a light, easy read.11 This is not a romance novel it s just paranormal not much romance, barely any kissing, lot s of gazing from a distance But not much else.12 I m tired 13 I feel like watching Grey s Anatomy That s what I can remember of the book This book is a quick read, that will take about 2 hours, tops to read So if you read it and don t like it Really What have you lost 2 hours of your life, but not much else.

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    Shadows is the first book in the Dark Touch series and although the cover, which I think is pretty cool, promises an edgy, young adult supernatural story, it didn t quite deliver, although it was an entertaining read.Eve is a fifteen year old girl who discovers she has acquired supernatural powers to zap demons, but she also loves to shop with her best friend Jess They adore Jimmy Choo what 15 year old do you know can afford JC and applying lots of lipgloss, even at the most opportune moments Unfortunately, the combination of light fluffy shopping, boys and sitting drinking espressos didn t really mesh well with the supernatural powers and evil demons.I enjoyed the friendship between Eve and Jess though and their light banter was fun, but I feel it would have worked much better in a non supernatural setting With the threat of many deaths and armed with the knowledge that she is the only one who can save them all resting firmly on Eve s shoulders, the banter was just misplaced and didn t work for me.Luke and Mal are the two new boys in town and all the girls are drooling over them, but are they what they seem Eve is also smitten with both, but just can t seem to choose Unfortunately, there s serious things to deal with, like demons, which are pretty creepy and sinister, and people in town, including Eve s friend, Megan, are acting strangely and ending up in hospital, for the insaneA few twists and turns along the way kept my attention for the most part and there are a few action scenes which are quite exciting, especially the last scene with Jess battling a nasty shadow demonVERDICT Shadows is at times a bit childish in nature, everything happens too quickly and too easily, which for me made it all a bit unrealistic and unbelievable However, I liked the characters, albeit a bit under developed for my taste Having said that, Shadows is a quick, fun read that in my opinion would be suited to younger teens.

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    Having happened upon this book in a charity shop or Thrift store, if you re from the US , I was pleasantly surprised to discover a KICK ASS READ Evie s character was strong and determined, yet still feminine and realistic as a typical teenage girl The secrets she uncovers had me turning the pages as fast as I could There were many twists and turns that I didn t see coming but I m not complaining I loved every moment.If you re looking for a teen novel that combines awesome fashion sense, the paranormal, and some cute high school guys, then this book will suit you.

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    Very good book Loved the characters It was quiet scary in places and had a really good twist at the end Looking forward to reading the rest of this series.

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    This is the first book in a new series aimed at the pre Twilight age group The author, Amy Meredith, lives in California, but she has also lived and worked in New York and the Hamptons where the main characters in the Dark Touch series are from She has always been fascinated by the supernatural.Story The summer is over, and it is time to get back to school for Eve Evergold and her best friend Jess, in the town of Deepdene And this autumn, two new boys are also attending school with them Luke Thompson is the son of the new minister in town, and he is cute and very flirtatious And there is Mal, smouldering and mysterious Mal, who have just moved into The Razor place a mansion which used to belong to a rockstar and which is said to be haunted And school has just started, when mysterious things starts to happen in town Many girls freak out and are sent to psyciatric institutions There are talk of demons appearing in people s nightmares, and soon Eve must figure out who she can or cannot trust and look into the town s dark history.Main Character Eve Evergold is fifteen years old, and like most teenagers she has a very busy social life She loves to shop and look at boys and enjoys a comfortable life But even though her parents has a lot of money, she does not come across as a spoiled brat She is quite likeable, and I became and fascinated by her as the story progressed The author has managed to make her evolve throughout the story, and from being a carefree and happy girl you can actually see how the events in this book affect her I love it, when authors manage to do just that I am looking forward to get to know her better in future books in this series Eve is a person I would have loved to have as a friend in real life I am sure she would have made me laugh a lot.The Book Dark Touch, The Shadows is a witty and spooky read From the opening scene you are thrust into a story full of gothic atmosphere combined with glamorous surroundings There is romance, riddles, suspense and dramatic events I got and engage in the book as the story progressed.The friendship between Jess and Eve are so well describe, you have no problem understanding why these two are best friends They seem to be having so much fun together The shoe scale , their weapon for describing who hot a boy is, is hilarious And there is also a great deal of trust here Eve would do anything for Jess and Jess would do anything for Eve They confide in each other and support each other That s true friendship.I also like how the author has portrayed Luke and Mal They are both a bit mysterious and I kept on reading to get to know them better I am sure they would appeal to the target group of this series.The book does not require a lot of energy to get into It is an easy and atmospheric read and I had no problem figuring out some of the riddles in the book But despite all that, I enjoyed it Sometimes it is refreshing to read something that does not require a lot of thinking.Dark Touch, the Shadows is for readers who love the supernatural combined with lighthearted chick lit A perfect book if you want to relax, get spooked and get in a good mood all at once.The publisher has also created a beautiful and eye catching cover that really captures the atmosphere in this book gothic glamour

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    Amy Meredith G lge Dark Touch 1Buras Deepdane Huzurlu, az n fuslu, hayat n gezmek tozmak ve al veri ten ibaret oldu u k k bir kasaba Deepdanede hayat her zamanki sakinli iyle devam ediyordu ki birden baz kasabal lar akl n ka rmaya ba lad Eve ve Jess, Deepdanein pop ler k zlar ndan Hayatlar nda erkekler, ayakkab lar ve g zel elbiselerden ba ka pek bir ey yok Ancak karanl k ve gizemli olaylar ba g sterince, i ba a d yor Atalar ndan kalan miras n fark na varan Eve, Deepdanei y z y lda bir basan iblislerden kurtaracak ki inin kendisi oldu unu d n yor.Gizemli bir yabanc her eyi alt st edebilir Hem kasabay hem Evein hayat n.YORUMUMYoung Adult Paranormal tarz nda bir kitap, ilk tan t m n g rd mde, kapa ve konusu itibariyle dikkatimi ekmi ti. Her ne kadar ergenlere y nelik olsa da bildi iniz gibi bu tarz kitaplar n bir o unda ergenler yeti kinler kadar olgunlar okumak istemi tim Ancak itiraf etmeliyim ki beklentilerimi kar lamad Tamam, anlat m sade ve ak c ama karakterlerin bir derinli i yok ok s kalm lar Al veri d k nl zellikle ayakkab lara hayranl k o kadar g ze sokuluyor ki, fantastik taraf n sanki erezmi gibi kald n d nd ren k s mlar oluyor Jess in asl nda k t bir durum kar s nda bile sa ma sapan espri yapmas ya da olay n ciddiyetini g rmezden gelmesi olduk a sinir bozucu As l karakter olan Eve ise o kadar bo g r n yor ki insani duygular oldu unu ancak fkelendi inde anl yoruz Karakterlerin i inin biraz daha dolu olmas gerekti ini d n yorum Luke ve Mal ise birbirlerinin z t zelliklere sahip karakterler Luke bir rahibin o lu olarak dikkat ekiyor, d a d n k, yak kl ve apk n Evle tan mas n n ard ndan do a st yetene ine ahit olunca bir anda kendini Eve nin kankisi yerine koymas da cabas Eve in sinirlerini olduk a bozuyor ama onun ne d nd ne tak lmadan da edemiyor Mal ise son derece d zg n,yak kl ,biraz da merak uyand ran bir tip Eve in bir g z Mal da ise di eri de Luke ta Birinden biri k t Maalesef k t karakterin kim oldu unu p diye anl yorsunuz, o kadar a k yani Gizem yarat lmaya al lm ama gizem yok, kitab n sonunu tahmin edebiliyorsunuz Biraz spoiler gibi olacak ama hani iblislerden bahsediyorsunuz, gayri ihtiyari tanr ya yakla rs n z, ama eve iblisle arp mas nda Gandhi nin s zleriyle g topluyor.Konu fikir olarak gayet g zelmi ama ok y zeysel kalm Yeti kinlere y nelik, derinlemesine ve b t n olarak i leniyor olsaym ilk kitap i in ok daha iyi eyler karm gibi geldi bana.

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    o_o Is it possible to lose brain cells when reading a book I sure felt like I did Firstly, Eve and Jess are total airheads Eve of course, is given the slightly unusual name because she ends up being the one with the powers No offense to the girls called Jess out there, but it is a stereotypical airhead name for the awesome girls called Jess out there, I apologize They think about shopping, and boys, and yet the whole dialogue seems to have a very young voice in my mind They didn t read like 15 year olds, that s for sure They were so incredibly shallow At one point, they are talking about how vicious rumors can upset someone, or get them bullied Jess then comes back with her own memory of the time her father wore tie dye drawstring pants to the market and people at school the next day were talking about it Oh No Not a fashion faux pas Daddy, can t you get anything right while shelling out for my three hundred dollar shoes Reading about two irritating girls shopping while the also extremely shallow boy did the research almost did my head in Luke thinks nothing of making out with a different girl each day, and can t understand why a girl whom he took to the movies and then made out with all night might think he s boyfriend material He s the one always teasing Eve about how much care she takes with her appearance, but then in return he is a major horndog Great.Somewhere in there there are oh so scary demons that will haunt your dreams and drive you mad, but you ll have to sort through descriptions of extreme beauty, exactly how popular the girls are, and shoe descriptions Bleaurgh

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    Oh dear crap.Is Amy Meredith kidding me or what I couldn t even finish this book.Let me just say, our main character was a fourteen year old girl who just came out of Junior High.And no, this is not a book for children This is supposed to be Young Adults.Again, are you kidding me Our main character is a superficial, idiotic girl who cares about boys, make up and shoe sales.And no, I m not going to tell you she has some deeper feature, because she hasn t.All her she and her bestfriend do is gossip and talk about fashion.Then things complicate when two new guys move to their town You see, in this town for rich kids, everybody knows everybody, no one exclused So it s a big deal when some new face appears.So here the Amy Meredith had me laughing Seriously girl, seriously Two fifteen year old at the max guys trying to play the broody, hot and mysterious male leads Please.Things complicated even when dear main character starts seeing shadows.That s right She sees shadows, hears weird noises, and this scares the poop out of her.Lucas, the blond new guy, tries to help her but since they re both idiotic kids what do you honestly expect them to accomplish.Okay, I didn t finish this book I m not even sure I reached half of it.I only know this is probably the worst read I had in 2011 Maybe in my whole life.I want to forget all about this but I m afraid I can t Poor me.