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I hate this book I hate,hate,hate it I thought I was prepared.And I was,to deal with a story depicting a forbidden and taboo relationship.But.But I was not prepared for this I was NOT prepared to encounter something so pure,so beautiful,so tormented.something so stunning I was not prepared for him.Lochan Hello Readers I find myself utterly captivated by terrible beauty this book possesses.I was disgusted.I was exploited.I wept.I screamed.But I could not stop.I became that proverbial moth who can t stop even though it knows it will burn.And I did burn So tell me Readers,how do I explain Lochan to you How do I explain something so exquisitely beautiful in a few mere words How do I do it I can tAt what point does a fly give up trying to escape through a closed window do its survival instincts keep it going until it is physically capable of no ,or does it eventually learn after one crash too many that there is no way out At what point do you decide that enough is enoughMeet Kit A 13 year old being corroded away by pain,bitterness and hatred.He does everything to refute authority.Does everything to drive Lochan mad.Meet Tiffin A beautiful,spirited young boy who has to beg for every scrap of attention from his mother.He knows that when Maya tells him that their Mom actually cares about them,she s lying.Meet WillaAt the age of five she has already come to terms with one of the life s harshest lessons that the world isn t fairAnd now meet with Maya A 16 year old girl who has to play the role of a mother for those three younger siblings.Because their mother is too drunk and selfish to even care.And their father left them years ago.The only reason she can cope with a cheerful LochanI can t bear to think I might have lost our closeness,our friendship,our trust.He was always so much than just a brother.He is my soul mate,my fresh air,the reason I look forward to getting up every morning.I always knew I loved him than anyone else in the worldYes.She loves Lochan.The kind of love that has no boundaries.Which is endlessHow can something so wrong feel so rightReaders,I will not try to justify their love.Because no matter however I present it, it will be a difficult concept to graspLet s face it,this is all pretty sick.Maybe the rest of the world s right.Maybe we re just a couple of fucked up,emotionally disturbed teenagersSo no,I will not try to justify itThere are no laws,no boundaries on feelings.We can love each other as much and as deeply as we want.No one,Maya,no one can ever take that away from usAnd nothing prepared me for the endingAt what point do you give up decide enough is enough There is only one answer really.NEVERI guess that s all for now Cause no matter what I do,I will not be able to convey the beauty of this story to you.Goodbye Readers.P.S I LOVE this book This is the story of a boy and a girl who fall in love Lochan and Maya are best friends who have known each other their entire lives and have helped each other and fiercely loved one another through the many brutally painful experiences of growing up.The thing is, they also happen to be brother and sister, and the unholy mess of the repercussions from their choices looms over this entire story.No one who picks up a book like this can be unaware of the potential pitfalls It s all too easy for an author to resort to the tasteless exploitation of sticky sentiment or breathy fumblings that heighten the excitement of a taboo relationship What you ll find instead with Forbidden is a book written with stunning insight and incredible compassion, and two characters who will absolutely break your heart.There is very little dialogue in this novel, and the narrative alternates in chapters between Lochan and Maya s points of view As such, the reader gets to know both of them very well and experiences in minute detail the complicated terror of their lives at home The two of them essentially function as the parents of three younger siblings in their household, as they have no father and their alcoholic mother neglects them for weeks at a time The relationship between 17 year old Lochan and 16 year old Maya, already close since they were children, changes subtly and realistically as they gradually become aware of each other as adults.The clarity of vision and strength and selflessness of both these characters is unparalleled in any young adult book I ve ever read, and the way the author draws the reader in with their relationship is astounding The intimacy and companionship, the joy and maturity, and the self doubt and heavy responsibilities of these two young people drawn together in a terrible situation is described with extraordinary empathy and understanding.Without the cruelty and selfishness of similarly challenged characters in books like Ian McEwan s The Cement Garden or the confused, casual amorality of Janet Inglis characters in the novels Darling and its follow up Father of Lies, Forbidden intelligently and passionately explores emotions that feel desperately genuine and impossibly tragic As the book builds unbearably to its unforgettable and devastating conclusion, the things that Lochan and Maya will sacrifice for the ideals of love and responsibility are astounding This is perhaps not a perfect book, but it is one that may open up a tiny crack in your armor and flood you with unexpected feeling Whatever your pre conceived notions about the sensitive subject of this novel, I defy anyone with a heart to experience the vibrant, pulsing emotions in this story and remain unmoved I wept like a child I bet you will, too This review may also be found in The Midnight Garden. After reading recent comments, I feel the need to stress an important point about this book it is not about accepting incest It s not a book like Flowers in the Attic or How I Live Now where incest is romanticised It is a sad story about the danger of dysfunctional families and should never be regarded as another angsty tale of forbidden love, even though the title suggests otherwise.So, first let me say that this was a very brave book to tackle such a controversial subject matter and the author must have some real bottle to take it on I know quite a few people who would read the synopsis and put it straight back down, shaking their heads at the thought of another Flowers In The Attic scenario But this book is far from that Flowers In The Attic was about two teenagers who had grown up isolated from members of the opposite sex, all they had during puberty was each other and their sexual relationship was based on desires that are natural but they had been prevented from feeling them in a natural environment But Forbidden tells the tale of two teenagers, Lochan 17 later 18 and Maya 16 , who both go to school with other people their own age, including plenty from the opposite sex but they have been forced to live quite unlike their other schoolmates when at home Neglected at an early age by their mother after the sudden departure of their father, Lochan and Maya begin to play the roles of parents to their three younger siblings who they refer to as the children This ensues a relationship in which they support each other and share parenting roles like a couple would and not at all like a brother and sister They are prompted to feel that they are related by some biological accident.Characters Lochan is an excellently constructed character, when he is narrating the story you feel his pain every second of the way You almost feel his nerves when he struggles to speak to people and, most of all, you really care about him He s a troubled guy and that becomes apparent from the very first page when he is sat in class he has many sides, all of them passionate And then there s Maya Maybe it s the strength of Lochan s character that does it, but I just don t feel any real connection with Maya and I don t feel like the author did either For a female author she writes her male characters far better than the females, a fact also true of her other books Maya is bland and, instead of feeling her pain and pitying her like you do with Lochan, she seems whiny and irritating Also, incredibly naive Now, I know there are plenty of pretty girls who are virgins at 16 and much older I also know that there are pretty girls that haven t been kissed at 16, but I don t know of any quite so innocent I mean, she goes to high school for godsakes Lochan s blushing at sexual hints is forgiven because of his character that has been built up around his timidity, but Maya is supposed to be outgoing and full of life to balance him out But it s hard to believe she knew what a penis was before this with Lochan Ok, so you get that Maya didn t do it for me But Kit did, surprisingly I was expecting a throwaway character in the form of a bratty teenager, and yes, we got the bratty teenage stuff but Kit was a lot than that I loved the other side to him, he wanted to rebel and he didn t like that his older brother got to boss him around but he also understood the importance of them staying together and he wanted to keep them away from the eyes of social services I felt really sorry for him when he s chasing the police car near the end, even though it was partly his fault, but I did like what it signified about the relationship between him and Lochan His other siblings were just tools to move the plot along, Tiffin is only memorable because of his unfortunate name Willa, though seemingly a sweetheart, was only their to reinforce the idea that Maya and Lochan were like parental figures, not siblings.Ending If my review was of the ending alone then the book would have got 5 stars without a doubt It was shocking, beautiful and tragic That one scene after Lochan has been arrested, stayed with me afterwards and I was crying for ages I got to a couple of chapters before the end and I thought well, yeah, it is a good book , but the ending propelled it into awesomeness Even if the story had been poor, it would have been worth reading just to get to that ending I loved the simplicity of the final chapter it could have been dragged out but it wasn t and that made it all the effective The final scene is told so well, you can see it clearly in your mind, imagine exactly how it would have looked I cannot fault the ending at all.The Incest Issue I understand what this book was trying to achieve and the question it was putting to the reader about different types of love I feel the need to compare it to Lolita by Nabokov and the way in which Humbert is almost forgiven his perversity at the end and the reader is with him, inside his pain and wishing that Lolita would be with him Paedophilia is viewed as one of the most disgusting acts possible, and yet Nabokov manages to get the reader to forgive Humbert, feel sorry for him, almost excuse him Suzuma with Forbidden wants you to question the taboo that is incest She is not saying incest is okay , that s not the point Like the many coming out novels, Suzuma wants you to recognise a different type of love from the norm Assuming they didn t have children because of the genetic issue and both were consenting why legally prevent two people from loving each other just because they came out of the same woman Can you answer it Without the bible and comments like it s just wrong do you have an answer I don t I think it s weird and creepy and makes me feel slightly sick but I can t put my finger on why the law forbids it note this does not include having children, because there are obvious reasons why this would be wrong That said, for me Tabitha Suzuma didn t quite manage it the way Nabokov did But I must stress how much I enjoyed this novel and how much it really made me think. This is a review I ve put off writing for over 3 years now.It s always hard finding the words for a book I loved so much I feel like everything that can be said about this book already has been said, and far eloquently As verbose I can be sometimes, it s so difficult to find the words to write in favor of a book I truly love.To put it simply, I will just reiterate what so many other reviewers have said before about it This book broke me, completely and utterly In the very worst ways, in the very best ways.This book s subject is quite frankly, not to everyone s tastes I think most readers will either be a appalled or b touched and moved by this book The subject matter and how it is handled ensures that there is no grey line You will either love it, or you will hate it There s going to be very few opinions in between I think it is a completely divisive book.If you start reading this book thinking it s going to try to convince you to fuck your brother sister or that it s ok to screw around with them, you would be wrong I don t think there is a message in this book as far as it s ok to do X or Y given Z circumstance I do not feel that the author is trying to impose some sort of morality or send a message of acceptance of incest It is just a story, albeit an extremely well written story It is about two people who have come to rely on each other, having been forced to grow up ahead of their time, under circumstances beyond their control It is a survivor s bond, of sorts It is a relationship based on friendship, mutual experiences, trust, loveand a shared background of hardship The two people just happened to be brothers and sisters.I m not going to take a side and say whether the relationship was correct, or morally repugnant, or abusive What I can say is that this book sold me on the idea of Lochan and Maya, and how their relationship eventually wound up to what it was.I think it s a lot harder for people to accept the idea of contemporary incest The cases we ve read about these days in the news like the parents abusing and impregnating their own kids, are pretty damned horrific, and I do not judge anyone at all for choosing to stay away from this book and its subject matter It is a extremely hard issue to address, much less in this manner I think society is openwrong word, not so much open, but like grudgingly accepting of incest in the past because it was a part of history within ruling dynasties, and therefore viewed as inevitable or even acceptable within some settings and places It s certainly out there a lot lately, with the rampant incest in House Lannister between Jamie and Cersei, with the shipping of Cesare and Lucretia in The Borgias Hell, there are awkward fanfiction of Supernatural s Wincest all over the place However, putting this subject in a contemporary setting, with realistic characters, is a totally different story Maybe it s easier for me to take the concept of incest lightly, having no siblings of the opposite sex, but I entered this book with an open mind and this book turned out to be such a reward Lately, my reviews have been set out to prove a point, to prove the rating that I wound up giving the book is justified I tend to use quotes when permitted, and I will highlight most of the relevant points to emphasize the facts as I make note of them There will be none such here, because if I do it for this book, I will have to reread it, and that s not an experience I wish to repeat.Did I say earlier that it broke me Because it did There are books I love that I can reread repeatedly, and this is not one of them I m not an emotional person I was, but life tends to slowly erase most of our weakness, and the child who once cried in 5th grade during a class reading of Where the Red Fern Grows has grown up to be an adult who doesn t blink at seeing blood and guts onscreen and who laughs her way through the majority of tearjerkers films Life has a tendency to desensitize the most delicate of personalities.Which is why I was so utterly unprepared for the pure visceral reaction this book wrought upon me Which is why after an all night marathon session of reading, at 6 AM, I found myself muffling my choking, heaving sobs into a pillow so that my sister wouldn t hear me from the next room to save myself from having to reply with I just read this book about a brother and sister who fell in love, and it was really sad Talk about awkward I ve cried that hard about five times in my life, and if one of those times happens to be this bookjudge me how you will.You might end up loving this book as much as I do, you might end up absolutely revolted by it However your opinion might fall in the end, I think this book at least deserves to be read. Wow That was some deeply disturbing and super depressing stuff I m thinking this was somewhere between a 3 1 2 and a 4 star read for me This one will take some time to digest In fact, as I write this review days later I m still not sure exactly what to make of this story.Lochan and Maya have been forced to grow up too quickly As the oldest, these two siblings have had to take on the responsibility of raising their three younger siblings Their drunken, deadbeat mother breezes in and out of their lives when she chooses, leaving all of the day to day responsibilities up to her two oldest children As a result, Lochan and Maya have a relationship that closely resembles that of a husband and wife than that of a brother and sister.Since I knew where this story was heading from the start, I wasn t surprised at all when the siblings relationship started to take on a romantic feel However, I was incredibly surprised when I found myself rooting for them as a couple Going into this book, part of me had convinced myself that they were going to be step siblings or half siblings or some other relation that would somehow lessen the taboo nature of their relationship That wasn t the case and I had to deal with some very uncomfortable feelings It was so wrong, but they were just so damn right for each other at the same time Okay, I know what you re thinking You d be right too Awkward, right I m going to get it out and just say what we re all thinking, Ew I m not going to try and deny that this was some seriously messed up stuff Just the thought of incest makes me cringe To say the least, this was a very uncomfortable read as a result Nonetheless, I found myself hoping that Lochan and Maya would somehow get a HEA Even as I knew it was totally improbable, I wanted them to be happy No teenagers ever deserved happiness than these two They bore the weight of the world on their shoulders Right to the end, they sacrificed for their younger siblings.Of course, this is not that kind of story This is the type of story that you go into knowing that it will break your heartand it does I cried big, fate tears and probably went through half a box of Kleenex while reading this story.Aptly titled, Forbidden is taboo and controversial While I won t try to justify incest, consensual or not, I will say that this story was a heartbreakingly beautiful love story You will fall in love with each of the siblings, as you hate their worthless mother You ll respect Lochan and Maya for their strength and dedication to their family You will feel their love, anger, and desperation, even as you curse the injustice of it all No way around it, you will FEEL while reading this story.As much as anything else, this story made me feel conflicted I usually don t waver much in my convictions However, this book made me question my values and morals I found myself pondering what if than I was comfortable with Days later, I have to say that this story still has me feeling unsettled Will it make you highly uncomfortable Yes Would I recommend it Absolutely In my opinion, the books that challenge the status quo and make me look at life through a different lens are the best kinds of books Agree or disagree, but consider alternate viewpoints Books like this aren t necessarily there to change what you believe, so much as they are there to make you examine why you believe what you do and consider other perspectives Are there situations in which there should be exceptions to some steadfast rules of morality This book will make you think about that type of thing. So Wrong It s Right Shit This book was Shit I m at a loss of words, so emotionally drained that I am actually cursing And I never Curse Period So shit.This book reminds me of Thirteen Reasons Why by Jay Asher not in the story, they are total and complete opposites, but the same feeling afterwards A hollow in me, at the pit of my stomach, hands shaking and my heart nowhere in sight It was an Amazing book Not the kind of amazing where I m jumping up and down begging you to read it, but the sort of amazing where you are just staring at an empty wall before you and the only word you can think of is Shit And then you exhale.The relationship between Maya and Lochan is complicated from the beginning In my words, here s how I see it There s a line between brothers and sisters You can tell to each other your most intimate secrets, share a room, even sleep in the same bed for fear of nightmares each other the half of a whole But you never become , because of that line That label that says Brother Sister And that s okay.But when Lochan and Maya are forced to watch over their siblings, pay the bills and take care of just about everything in the house since a very young age, that line, that label, becomes blurry and it is not something that happens in a blink of an eye in the book, it s something that came from long before So it was only a matter of time that this line dissipated and they fell in love with each other.This may all sound so disgusting but I never felt repulsed during the book, and I think this is what made it Amazing Tabitha Suzuma managed to make their love relationship seem so right and not once did I forget they were brother and sister It wasn t like OMG I had totally forgotten they were siblings No, I was conscious always of what they were and it never felt wrong.By the ending my heart was beating so hard I thought it would just burst out of my chest, and in the last page it just stopped I can feel that hollow My shaking hands And the amazingness of it all.Ask me if I recommend this book and I ll say yes No doubt No hesitation Forget it, this book wasn t amazing this book was Epic Life Changing in every sense of the word No kidding This book has many lessons, and the one that stood most with me is that I am no one to judge someone, or a situation or just about anything I don t think my review does any justice to this book but you should just read it.Wow.After the initial shock review I still feel the hollow, and it hurts to think of the book Even though it hurts I can t stop thinking about it, I m still in awe, but I can think clearly now And I totally forgot to mention some things The writing is fantastic I loved it It made it so easy to flow through the book, practically poetic Also, I was a bit thrown of at times when they used words like Bloody GreatOr Hey MateAnd snogging. The Author is from the UK so it s natural, it still got me into giggles when I read them.And one last thing I m Emotional I cry easily and get deply engaged with books I saw reviews that described the ending as Amazing and Cool I was crying depends on how you are I guess, but the one thing most bloggers agree with Read it More Reviews Over At In Between She Is Pretty And Talented Sweet Sixteen And Never Been Kissed He Is Seventeen Gorgeous And On The Brink Of A Bright Future And Now They Have Fallen In Love But They Are Brother And SisterSeventeen Year Old Lochan And Sixteen Year Old Maya Have Always Felt Like Friends Than Siblings Together They Have Stepped In For Their Alcoholic, Wayward Mother To Take Care Of Their Three Younger Siblings As Defacto Parents To The Little Ones, Lochan And Maya Have Had To Grow Up Fast And The Stress Of Their Lives And The Way They Understand Each Other So Completely Has Also Brought Them Closer Than Two Siblings Would Ordinarily Be So Close, In Fact, That They Have Fallen In Love Their Clandestine Romance Quickly Blooms Into Deep, Desperate Love They Know Their Relationship Is Wrong And Cannot Possibly Continue And Yet, They Cannot Stop What Feels So Incredibly Right As The Novel Careens Toward An Explosive And Shocking Finale, Only One Thing Is Certain A Love This Devastating Has No Happy Ending So, About Taboo Subjects in YA LiteratureOr Do Teenagers Really Use the Word Ensconced Somewhere deep in the world of technical things I don t really understand, there is an algorithm that persisted in listing Forbidden in almost every shelf of personalised recommendations Based on my previous reading and shelving habits, it insisted that I should read this book But I dug my heels inStop trying to make Forbidden happen, Goodreads It s Not Going To HappenBecause I have a pretty good idea of my own tastes, and sometimes I talk to inanimate objects like that I guess I could have just clicked that helpful Not Interested button But perversely, I wanted to see how long Goodreads would continue to push Forbidden on me as I carried on updating my shelves.And the inevitable happened I decided to read it There was always the possibility my gut had misinformed me, right It s happened before And thus, after much thought, I have Things To Say about this book The Things are not going to be overly positive Hence, if you loved this book and I know and respect many who do hi, friends you may not wish to proceed with reading this review I will make it clear upfront I did not like this book And while I apologise in advance to anyone who finds my comments in any way offensive, I do not make apologies for disliking it Part of my employment history directly relates to child protection The sexual, physical and emotional abuse of children was on my radar on a daily basis No doubt that colours my response to this book to some extent I freely admit that this affected the way I approached it, read it and am able to process it I spent a lot of time arguing with myself upon completion was I simply having a knee jerk reaction to the subject matter Why was I responding this way to this particular issue Was I a hypocrite because I had a different response to other books which contained, arguably, equally controversial subject matter My answer, which may not satisfy all, is that it s not the subject matter I object to I am not unfamiliar with incest in works of fiction Rather, I take issue with the manner in which it was handled in the case of Forbidden I would like to believe that this book is a stroke of literary genius in which the author masterfully makes use of unreliable, self deceived narrators to thrust us into and examine their solipsistic minds, subverting the usual use of sympathetic and unsympathetic characters to powerful effect However, I suspect that this is not the case.It s clear to me that Suzuma s heavily introspective, densely descriptive writing style will appeal to many But personally, I found the prose distastefully soapy and melodramatic The viewpoints of Lochan and Maya were strikingly similar and also ridden with language that felt awkward, so I was never fully convinced that this was a story narrated by teenagers What little action takes place in the book is interspersed with long, ponderous interludes of the characters angsting over their mutual attraction and subsequent horror as they consider the ramifications of it This is a book largely dependent on the tension especially sexual between the characters in order to balance the long internal ruminations which were, even for me, tedious However, I was always conscious of Suzuma s presence behind the scenes, pulling the characters strings This is especially evident in some of the dialogue, where Lochan and Maya muse on the outside world s hypothetical response to their relationship, to the judgement they would be subjected to should they be found out At this point, Lochan and Maya ceased to be characters and sounded like mouthpieces, which bothered me immensely I am capable of reaching my own opinions and making up my own mind I do not appreciate being clunked over the head with poorly veiled commentary I won t go so far as to say that I think there was a particular agenda being pushed I don t know that, after all But in these sections the dialogue felt out of place and laboured, in a bald faced effort to make the reader question, and ultimately sympathise with their predicament Similarly, the characters Maya in particular preoccupation with how their love transcends sibling bonds also felt like a manipulative reach for sympathy I can t help but think this novel would have been all the powerful had it not relied so heavily upon insistence that the characters don t perceive each other as brother and sister , but rather as soulmates Instead of being brutally realistic, straight talking and heartbreaking, this pushed things into the realms of PNR style tropes and creepy wish fulfilment for me And on the topic of creepy Lochan While I sympathised with his emotional and mental struggles, and I think his experience with anxiety was portrayed with a great deal of insight, I hated the manner in which his mental illness was used as a plot device I hated the fact that he engaged in sexual activity with a girl who, sister or not, had just suffered a head injury I hated this book s fixation on his sexual gratification I have no strong comments on the explicitness of the intimate scenes, that s up to each reader s personal taste However I objected to the romanticised tone it s all exploding suns and ecstasy and oh so wonderful and it has me wondering what exactly the intention is To make readers believe in their connection To simply be honest To shock And a plain fact of the matter is even if these two were not related by blood I still would not be shipping them, on the basis of Lochan s propensity for violence and jealousy alone Again, I do not take issue with the portrayal of dysfunctional relationships in fiction, whatsoever This is simply, sadly, reality for many But I do feel that care needs to be taken with the subtext that is being communicated I thought the characterisation of the younger siblings was well done, and although Kit occasionally read a little older than his thirteen years, I did sympathise with him Their interactions and responses to their home situation felt realistic to me, especially the way Willa and Tiffin s awareness of their neglect occasionally seeped through This, in my opinion, was the most heartbreaking part of the book the fact that while not fully understanding why, they were cognizant of their abandonment and the fact that their lives were different While Lochan and Maya have, for all intents and purposes, taken on the parental roles, their inherent immaturity was highlighted by the way their need to get into each other s pants gradually took precedence over everything else Which is realistic, of course, but felt at odds with the way I thought the story was trying to present them as an object of tragedy I have spoken in a previous review about my strong feelings on the commercialisation of grief, and how I deeply resent anything I perceive to be a grab for an emotional reaction Which is why the ending and epilogue of Forbidden made me sick to my stomach It felt gratuitous and tear jerky in the most literal sense, a lunge for a strong reader response, the literary equivalent of going for the jugular I strongly dislike seeing view spoiler suicide hide spoiler Forbidden was a book I thought would be easily forgettable, and I have never been so wrong Throw out your moral compass and pick up this book When I read what this story was about I was weirded out beyond belief Brother and Sister get it on No thank you, but after reading the reviews I finally put on my big girl panties and bought it This book is like the show Shameless but with incest Yeah I know still sounds insane The character of this book couldn t have been written better Maya and Lochan are character I find myself even struggling to sum up in words I will say I did end up calling him Loki the whole time so sorry about that Tabitha They are strong, they are weak, they are irrational, stupid, genius, wild, and so much I will warn you that this book did start off slow, took around 120 pages to start picking up When it gets going though it doesn t stop The last few chapters are the definition of a page turner This had me laughing, praying, cheering, and then crying my eyes out Never in my life did I think 1 I would read a book about incest or 2 that I would read a book about incest and end up in tears The ending of this book has me so shell shocked and I don t think that feeling is going to be something I ll be able to shake off anytime soon It is so rare to come across a book that make you feel so many emotion, makes you question your beliefs, and leaves you utterly breathless This book is that book I will probably have to come back and add this this review later, or go into detail on my blog, but right now I m still just so surprised by how truly moving this book was. Before everything This review is soon to be edited and posted on Rain Hart s my book blog.You can find our blog here Be sure to subscribe and see all the fun we have in store for you Now, on to the review If you are starting this book or are planing to, put this song on your player and have it as a theme song for the book Believe me It helps when you get to the crying part TogetherFirst of all I have to tell you that what I am going to write will not please a lot of people.So don t agree with me.Don t read.Don t comment.I don t care.This book was so powerful I simply do not care if somebody thinks that what I feel is wrong.Ironic, given that if something is or isn t wrong is a big part of the theme of this work.The book made me feel alive.Maybe somethings, like the charges against Lochi were puffed up out of proportion Maybe, but I still do not care Maybe the ending was harsh and unnecessary I do not agree And again, do not care.The anticipation I felt for them was real And I fretted I even had a feeling of dread and moments of doubt But after all of it I just can t force myself to think their love was wrong If a lot of hands go up in the air in order to point out to me that this was incest Just stop We tell ourselves that we live in the age of acceptance of things and people that are different.We support gay people, give our blessings to new found churches, give the people the right to hurt themselves emotionally in any way they can, and a lot of time don t even care that they can hurt themselves physically.Sure there is child molesting And that is wrong and sick.But here, in this beautiful heart stopping story, we have two young adults that even pressed by the weight of the world, knew, without a doubt, that they love each other.I stopped to think if they could know love at 17 and 18and I think they could They were already forced to grow up And there is the fact that true love can hit you when you are 18,27,30,5570 even As Lochan says, it is not fair for so many men to go around and use who ever they like and not be sanctioned, but his love is labeled as deranged It s not It just isn t Not to me Not when it comes to Lochan and Maya.I didn t want to redeem this couple like some readers did I didn t want somebody to make them believe that they were wrong and to separate them, make them have different lives.I think that they were just an aberration Hormonal aberration and when I say hormonal I do not mean sex , galactic misunderstanding, fate glitch but they were for one another They just were.I really wished them well They knew they could not have children And they did not want them They already raised all of their kids They just wanted to have one another To be able to do the things others had, and discarded as every day convenience And my heart made painful little flips for every moment of their happiness.I wish, oh how I wish they had And wish, and wish and wish that they were left to tend to the smaller children until one day they could have a world in which to hold hands, kiss,and love as with nobody condemning them for it.I hated their mother She was a horrible person And her fanatic involvement in the end was so in her character I know some people do not see her as the type to care And she was not She was the type to fuss Like she fussed about her kids but done them no real good Like all the things she did in order to lie to herself that she cared for them or did something for anybody accept herself She was just a beautifully portrayed selfish slut.As much the description of their mother and fate is brilliant, how the author gave us the lovely formed thoughts of sister and brother is majestic They sound like teenagers but their intellectual rants hold real everyday fears,problems and solution.The mother and father along with a lot of other situations and people made this book really hard and painful And this was all good, no Superb writing that kept me on the edge But God, there are so many moments in the book that I hold so dear now Maya getting the bracelet, their strong support for each others troubles, tears, even the fact that in one day Lochan had the best morning of his life with the kids as happy as they were, with Maya in her bedroom just to fall from euphoria in to the worst and last night of his life And all this all of it coming to that final chapter and Epilogue.When I read the last chapter I was emotionally broken But when I read Maya s struggle after that She still had to be strong She still had to try To fight I cried I cried in big gut wrenching sobs that I could not stop.Poor Lochan The poor lovable bright Lochan.And sweet pretty Maya.Innocent little Willa that won t really remember him.And Kit That had no idea what his silly petty fit will do How it will destroy lives Destroy love Destroy all of them in a cruel joke of destiny.Oh how happy they would have all been if they were born different Born like Maya s and Lochan s kids And loved, loved loved.I write this rew and still cry, silent beautiful tears that make me almost feel pure.Why Because I remembered a thing from my pastWhen I was 16teen a friend of mine killed himself.And the pain was big.How will I go on He was my firstdoor neighbor for so long,friend,companion,so many things.Five years later I saw his girlfriend still putting flowers on his grave.But how long will she remember How long will I When will his face become a blur Love that people felt for him subdued and burned out When This book gives us the answer at the end.Yes I knew all the answers when I read the last few lines of this perfect book.They told everybody that read them that you should never give up.And remember forever.But live on now.Looking forward to the small things.To pink panties and a smile of a little girl.SoSummer is here And they will try We can always just try.If you read this book, and I hope that you will, you will love it But you will also curse your self for wishing what could not be Their love.It was like watching Titanic as a kid over and over again.The ending is always harsh.And breathtaking.But mostly sad Love can touch us one timeAnd last for a lifetimeAnd never let go till we re goneLove was when I loved youOne true time I hold toIn my life we ll always go on