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Young Tabby Aykroyd Has Been Brought To The Dusty Mansion Of Seldom House To Be Nursemaid To A Foundling Boy He Is A Savage Little Creature, But The Yorkshire Moors Harbor Far Worse, As Tabby Soon Discovers Why Do Scores Of Dead Maids And Masters Haunt Seldom House With A Jealous Devotion That Extends Beyond The Grave As Tabby Struggles To Escape The Evil Forces Rising Out Of The Land, She Watches Her Young Charge Choose A Different Path Long Before He Reaches The Old Farmhouse Of Wuthering Heights, The Boy Who Will Become Heathcliff Has Doomed Himself And Any Who Try To Befriend Him

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    no.that should be the whole review right there, just no this is supposed to be the story of heathcliff as a ten year old boy so you have two central characters the real life housekeeper of the brontes and the boy who would be heathcliff, who was fictional, correct and you have the housekeeper character ultimately telling this story to her charges, the four young bronte children, with dear emily listening raptly how clumsy is that you can t market this as being a prelude to wuthering heights and then cop out and try to make it seem like it might only have been the inspiration for wuthering heights but you also can t have mary poppins taking tea with george orwell this is baffling.without the appeal of this being a preteen heathcliff, there is no real reason to read this it is a lightweight ghost story that pretty much just rips off view spoiler the wicker man hide spoiler

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    House of Dead Maids starts out as this wonderful, creepy, gothic ghost story, which is my absolute fav But then it just gets a little disjointed The young master with no name is sort of odd The story behind the Dead Maids is a little too quick and bare bones, and the ending comes up so fast, it doesn t feel like a fully fleshed out book or story The tie in with Wuthering Heights was weak I was disappointed I wanted suspense, characterization, and a little bit meat I did enjoy it though, and the cover is awesome I m giving three stars.

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    2.5 stars Just so you knowyes, I was screaming inside of my own head The caps were indeed justified in this case.Thoughts when I saw this book sitting on a thrift store shelf Oooohhhhlookieawesome cover girl with creepy black eyes The title makes me want to know what s going on IT S A HOUSE OF DEAD MAIDS HOW AWESOME Thoughts when I read the back cover OH HECK YEAH It s a Wuthering Heights prequel in YA form WITH LOTS OF GHOST ACTION Me after reading the book Sigh At least I paid less than a buck for it Talk about just missing the markIn all fairness, I think House of Dead Maids was intended for the pre teen crowd, which might be why it really didn t work for me I probably would have enjoyed this book at around age 12, especially before I knew anything about who Heathcliff was The illustrations at the beginning of each chapter were creepy in an extremely cool way The ghosts were not scary to me at all as an adult, but the style of writing would have given me a little bit of a chill back when I was still trying to sneak Christopher Pike books under the covers Does the story feel like a possible prequel to Wuthering Heights HonestlyI didn t think so But again, this book will work for younger readers who aren t looking to compare the two It s possible that this book would get them interested in trying out the classic inspiration in the future I almost feel guilty giving the book such a low rating when I know if I had done my homework and read some other reviews, I probably never would have picked up the book to begin with Go, go cheapie impulse purchases At least the book was extremely short also in line with the length of a children s or middle grade read , so I was able to breeze through most of it fairly quickly, along with skimming some of the pages where the descriptiveness bordered on awkward I d only recommend the book to pre teens who are looking for a creepy little ghost story Anyone much older than that probably won t be as impressed.

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    What I told the editor DEAD MAIDS is dark and beautiful, literary and lovely In it, Dunkle has crafted a tale worthy of sitting on a shelf next to Wuthering Heights which is no minor feat.

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    Last night, I started and finished and ARC of The House of Dead Maids, by Clare Dunkle And, um, WOW The book releases on September 14th and is definitely something you want to read.I wasn t sure what to expect I read Wuthering Heights right before, to better acquaint myself with Heathcliff s story, and though I m really glad I ve finally read the book Wuthering Heights is amazing and it shames me how long it took me to get around to reading it it wasn t absolutely necessary to read beforehand.Premise So, basically, the book tells the story of Tabby, a girl brought to work as a maid at the mansion known as Seldom House She s charged with taking care of a young boy who grows up to become Heathcliff of Wuthering Heights and discovers a world of ghosts and dark, dark superstitions My absolute favorite thing This book is deliciously scary Starting it late at night was a MISTAKE I kid you not I slept with the lights on last night Dunkle s ghosts were described with such detail and so dark my skin crawled there literally was one moment of description so vivid I had to put the book down and give in to a shiver.Other thoughts The cover is what drew me in to begin with It s fantastically creepy and it completely matches the scariness of the book.It was interesting to read Heathcliff before he s officially Heathcliff, and I thought Dunkle did a really nice job of creating him to be believable with the character I know he grows into It s a short book, which made it a really quick read Though I m pretty sure I still would have read it in one sitting even if it d been twice as long And the illustrations by Patrick Arrasmith in the ARC and I m assuming in the hard cover flow right with the tone of the book and give visual to the terror you feel while reading.Even thought the protagonist is 11, I m not sure I agree that this book is suitable for readers ages 12 and up At least, had I read it at age 12 I d have had nightmares for weeks Heck, I still probably will Maybe most 12 year olds are tougher than I was at that age though, which is highly likelyI absolutely recommend this book, especially if you re a fan of Wuthering Heights and even if you aren t Bravo to Clare Dunkle, it s been a while since I read anything quite this spooky Sara

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    When I first heard about THE HOUSE OF DEAD MAIDS, the English major in me squealed with joy Holy sweet baby Jesus she said, I love WUTHERING HEIGHTS THE HOUSE OF DEAD MAIDS is going to be awesome And awesome it was.First of all, this story is not the sort of tale you should read at night A wonderful woman named Barbara, who coordinated the tour I participated in, warned me not to do it She said A word of advice don t start reading it too late at night I wasn t sure what to make of her warning because I don t get spooked by books I ll cry because of a book I ll fling a book against a wall because something about it s agitated me I ll even squeal with joy but I don t get truly scared Nevertheless, I listened to her advice Kind of The first time I sat down to read this novel, it was during the light of day.The illustrations for each chapter made me wary enough to be gnawing on my bottom lip as I read on I loved them, and I think they added an exciting aspect to the reading experience.But then, stupid me decided that night to continue reading at about 1AM Do you know how bad of an idea that was It was an extremely bad idea Why Because the book which I thought was not going to freak me out freaked me out I m still not entirely sure which part got to me It could have been the one little maid trying to sleep with Tabby It could have been the gathering I swear, when I was reading it, I thought I was seeing things from the corners of my eyes in my bedroom So for the rest of the night, I locked myself in my bedroom and refused to go downstairs, even when I was dying of thirst Isn t it funny I m recalling all of this at 3AM My story aside, I truly enjoyed THE HOUSE OF DEAD MAIDS Heathcliff was not only the brat one comes to know and love, but he was also young enough to still retain some sort of child like innocence It was at these moments, when said innocence which was really of him not being annoying around Tabby shone through, that I adored him I felt miserable for his fate But then he d act like a heathen again and I would forget my regret.One particular description of the house stuck with me, even now, a few weeks later I felt like the house truly was another character in the story It added excitement, me thinking it was alive.I never once thought that there were ghosts when I read WUTHERING HEIGHTS After reading this novel, however, it will be interesting to see if I still feel that way.THE HOUSE OF DEAD MAIDS is short and definitely worthy of being labeled as the prequel to WUTHERING HEIGHTS Heathcliff is such a rich and intriguing character in Bronte s novel which I suggest you read if you still have yet to do so To learn about his possible origins in Clare s take of the book definitely broadened my understanding of the tale and of his position I think that, whenever I decide to reread WUTHERING HEIGHTS, I will definitely read it with new, open mind.A highly suggested, spooky read for the fall Just make sure, if you want to get freaked out, you read it late like 2AM at night But don t say I didn t warn you

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    I read this last night in one sitting It s a young adult ghost story and I couldn t put it down It is the story of Tabby the Bronte s housekeeper when she was a young girl and how she met Heathcliff prior to the story of Wuthering Heights It s a pretty outrageous tale but I love ghost stories and I got drawn into it It s fiction, of course, and likely to have never happened but it made for a good story Not sure that I would have thought of this story if I wanted to explain Heathcliff s origin, but it is an interesting, imaginative take on what might have happened.In brief, Tabby, an orphan, and a young boy, also an orphan, are brought to a haunted mansion somewhere in England where creepy things happen in the house and in the local village I was surprised to find out just how creepy things really were.And this story is probably a lot better if you don t relate it to Wuthering Heights at all and just accept it as a creepy 19th century ghost story.

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    Short and spooky and thoroughly satisfying The pagan rituals and how they play in a Christian world was really interesting almost for what wasn t said the book is firmly in Tabby s voice, but bigger themes shine right through The fact that this is ultimately a prequel or backstory for Wuthering Heights and that it might just answer where Heathcliff went during those three years gives an extra little oomph, especially for us old English majors.

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    Nice CREEPY cover to pop up on the recommended books when I m in a dark house, the only one awake, and past my bedtime Thanks, GR

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    Clare B Dunkle, The House of Dead Maids Holt, 2010 The current craze for revising and updating classic works of literature rolls on with Clare Dunkle s The House of Dead Maids, a prequel to Wuthering Heights with an intriguing twist In this one, Tabby the real life maid of the Bronte family, mentioned by biographers as the source of Emily s gothic leanings , formerly an orphan at a knitting school, is chosen by an old biddy named Miss Winter to be the new governess at a secluded mansion She finds the driver, Arnby, far companionable than Miss Winter When they all get back, she s told she has the run of the place until the young master gets there A pause to mention that with all the moaning about how she felt useless in the same breath as how dusty everything was, you d have thought she d clean something Then cometh the young master, the savage lout who will grow up to become Heathcliff While this bit of information is not revealed until the Epilogue in the actual text, one can t really call it a spoiler it s in the first sentence of the jacket copy There is something very odd afoot at Seldom House, and it falls to Tabby and Himself, as she calls Heathcliff, to figure out what s going on, and why the ghost of Izzy, Tabby s predecessor at the house, keeps appearing to her.Running at just one hundred forty eight pages, this is a tract that an adult lover of Wuthering Heights would be able to take down in an afternoon, and I d think even reluctant YA readers would get through it in a scant weekend It s got than enough in the way of mystery, suspense, and the occasional gore to capture the imagination of male readers in a way that the Bronte sisters never quite managed to, but Bronte fans will likely be charmed by Dunkle s cleverness with language she s quite obviously influenced by Emily Bronte without ever sacrificing her own voice to that of her spiritual predecessor Me, I ve never been a Bronte fan myself, but I liked this all right Definitely worth picking up for the scary story lover in your house.