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Here, In My Own Words And As I Remember Them, Are My Cherished Stories About A Lifetime Of Fun And Love And LaughterI Ve Never Thought Of My Jewelry As Trophies I M Here To Take Care Of It And To Love It, For We Are Only Temporary Custodians Of BeautyElizabeth TaylorShe Has Mesmerized Movie Audiences Since Her Debut In National Velvet At The Age Of Twelve, Dazzled Both Men And Women With Her Luminous Beauty And Iconic Presence, Displayed Shrewd Business Acumen By Creating A Line Of Fragrances With Unparalleled Success, And Her AIDS Activism Has Been A Call To Arms For People Around The World She Is Hollywood S Greatest Living Star And A Living LegendElizabeth TaylorOne Of Her Greatest Passions Is Jewelry, And Over The Years She Has Amassed One Of The World S Foremost Collections By The Time She Was In Her Thirties, Elizabeth Taylor Already Owned An Outstanding Set Of Burmese Rubies And Diamonds From Cartier, A Fantastic Emerald And Diamond Suite From Bulgari, And The Carat Krupp Diamond, A Gift From Richard Burton That Ring Was Later Eclipsed By A Subsequent Gift From Burton, When He Bought A Staggering Carat Pear Shaped Diamond Newly Named The Taylor Burton Diamond, It Catapulted Elizabeth Taylor Into That Rarefied Pantheon Of Great Jewelry CollectorsIn This Revealing Book, Elizabeth Taylor Offers A Personal Guided Tour Of Her Collection She Takes Us Into Her Confidence, Sharing Personal Anecdotes, Witty Asides, And Intimate Reminiscences About Her Life, Her Loves, And Her Collection Whether Talking About The Famous La Peregrina Pearl, Which Was Briefly Abducted By A Household Pet, Or Chatting About A Childhood Gift To Her Mother, Elizabeth Taylor Shows Herself To Be The Most Seductive Of Storytellers Direct, Irreverent, And CharmingComplementing The Stories Are Stunning New Photographs Of Her Most Remarkable Pieces, Specially Commissioned For This Book, And Than Rarely Seen Images Many From Elizabeth Taylor S Personal Collection Of The Star Wearing Her Jewelry Over The Course Of Almost Sixty Years We See Her As A Young Ingenue Of Fifteen Wearing What Would Be The First Of Many Charm Bracelets, And Again, Equally Dazzling, As A Mature Woman, Wearing The Famous Duchess Of Windsor Diamond Brooch, Which She Purchased To Benefit AIDS ResearchElizabeth Taylor My Love Affair With Jewelry Marks The First Time This Beautiful Jewelry Will Be Seen Together As A Collection Lavishly Produced And Illustrated, The Book Has An Introduction By The World Renowned Authority On Jewelry, Fran Ois Curiel, Of Christie S It Is For Those Who Are Enchanted By This Most Incandescent And Enduring Star, For Those Who Cherish And Dream Of Jewelry, And Most Importantly, For Those Who Believe In The True Meaning Of Love This Book Is A Fabulous Display Of Unbelievable Glamour, Assembled Over A Lifetime, By One Of The Most Extraordinary Women In The World

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    Her magical fucking life, man Just unimaginable.

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    This is the book that made me love jewels in the worst wayand I love her take on it meant to be loved by all, not just the owners.

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    I ve been reading in the news that Elizabeth Taylor s jewels are going to be the stars of a traveling exhibit before they are auctioned So I went to my bookshelves to pull out this book to check on my memories of them, and, yup, they re still as catch in the breath dazzling as I recalled them The illustrations are top notch and the narration is casual and intimate, as tho you had just dropped in for a glass of tea and a good chat Miss Taylor was not just a movie star glutting herself with baubles She was a knowledgeable and appreciative collector, and a connoisseur of the jeweler s craft She collected from the finest artists and she had impeccable taste I had the opportunity some years ago to view some of her pearl pieces up close in a pearl exhibit at the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago The notable jewel was La Peragrina, the fabulous baroque pearl that Richard Burton bought for her at auction This gem is huge and lustrous and glowing It was once a wedding present to Queen Mary Tudor from Philip II of Spain and has since graced Elizabeth Tudor, Anne of Denmark and a whole passel of lovely and or wealthy women If you can manage to see the exhibit, I would recommend it, but if you cannot, this book has the stuff you want to drool over If you love gems, appreciate craftsmanship or have a sense of history, or if you just dig Hollywood bling go for this one.

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    I began my look into Elizabeth Taylor s life by reading a very large biography of her life However, I had wished that I had seen pictures of her and loved looking at all the jewelry she was lavished with When the author suggest reading this book I couldn t get to the library fast enough I truly wish that the stories in this book were than the stories everyone knew I was also shocked by how many pieces were just so grand She could have bought a country with the amount of worth is in those pages I would recommend anyone who is interested in Elizabeth Taylor to check out this book, because it really gives you insight into just how grand her life was.

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    My mother passed this library book onto me once she was finished, and we both really enjoyed it This is the only book Taylor wrote herself, and it s an interesting, fabled look inside her legendary Hollywood lifestyle Seriously, her jewels would put the Queen to shame The only thing that would make it better is if we could reach into the book and pull out one of the pieces for ourselves.

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    I m a sucker for anything that sparkles and Liz had a lot of it The emeralds from Mike Todd and the custom diamond pearl ruby necklace as a replica of something from Mary, Queen of Scots are my favorites

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    The most beautiful woman in the world with some of the most beautiful jewels in the world.

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    I had pined for this book for many years I finally purchased it and read it nearly in one sitting The photographs were mesmerizing What I was most taken with is the style in which this book was written Being that these were Elizabeth Taylor s own words, you feel like you are chatting with a dear old friend So comfortable and so open It is definitely a book to collect and proudly host on your coffee table.

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    Great single source to see large full color photos of some of the most one of a kind and over the top jewels and jewelry in the world Taylor s commentary is mostly limited to the mundane appreciation the jewelry received when she wore it but there are interesting but not gossipy accounts of the circumstances of purchase, etc Only a passing reference to the hold up.

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    Whatever you may think of Liz s TASTE in jewelry, it s undeniably opulent and incredibly lux The many pictures and her personal anecdotes make this a must for any gemstone or jewelry fan, let alone the devotees of Ms Taylor herself.