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This story was DISGUSTING. Ew. Seriously nasty and icky. Of course, that's all a compliment coming from me. This is an original horror story (Stephen King had a story about something nasty down a drain in "Nightmares and Dreamscapes," but that was totally different). This one features a bathtub from hell, and a lot of jerking off and nasty gore. It also has a protaganist with half a brain, though, who doesn't just ignore it when the bathtub starts doing really antisocial things, and I appreciated that. The story is icky but worthwhile, and I enjoyed it (thought I may never take a bath again...thanks, Daniel Pyle...) This was a true horror story (especially for guys, I think LOL). I almost didn't want to finish reading it, but couldn't help. Daniel Pyle's imagination is unfathomable! If like terror, this is the book for you! Dark tale it drives well with a sense of unexpected terror. A short story, you would not want to enter a bathroom again unless equipped with a sledgehammer. Down the Drain is a unique, intriguing, crazy, fun, and quick read. This short horror story by Daniel Pyle is worth the read. However, unlike most of the reviews for this story, I WILL be bathing again (just might check the drain first).

The opening in this story is from the main character's (Bruce's) cat, Selina. I found this pretty funny, that is, until the creature from the bathtub eats poor Selina. Bruce comes home to find his cat missing, but has no clue as to where she went.

Bruce decides he wants a nice hot bubble bath. Now, this is where things get interesting (crazy and unique). The bathtub practically rapes Bruce! No, I'm not kidding!

You just have to read this story. It's one of the strangest stories I've read in a while. From my blog Rediscovering Horror Fiction

If the author’s bio at the end of the book is to be believed, Daniel Pyle has not not bathed since writing this story. He must be a stinky man indeed by now, but this 60 odd page novelette about man vs. maneating bath tub may well put you off personal hygiene yourself.

Bruce does not have an easy life. His wife left him years ago, his construction job leaves him exhausted at the end of each day, and his cat Selina (a joke Batman fans will likely get) is his only companion. One day Bruce forgets to leave water out for the cat, and Selina makes her way to the bathroom trying to find something to drink. Suddenly and inexplicably, Selina is savagely devoured by the newly sentient bathtub. Yes, strangeness is afoot chez Bruce. Things get even more bizarre, though, when our hero, needing a good soak for his aching muscles, heads off for the bath where he is… How shall I put this…?

He’s sexually assaulted by the bathtub. Needless to say that’s not something Bruce takes lightly.

It’s a brief tale but Pyle makes use of the pages he has. Down the Drain is fast paced, creepy, and downright bizarre. There’s some dark humor here, but he always takes the horror seriously, which I respect. The ebook is available for just $.99 at Amazon.com and Barnes and Noble.

From my blog Rediscovering Horror Fiction Rating: 4.5 out of 5

There is something to be said for the slambang horror tale. You know the type – they drag you in, shake you around a bit, and then pull away, never once telling you why everything that happened, happened.

While reading “Down the Drain”, a fastpaced novelette by Daniel Pyle, I was struck at first by how strange and audacious the storytelling was. Hell, the first chapter is told through the viewpoint of a cat! From there, it moves onto the main character, Bruce, a lonely independent contractor whose bathtub seems to have a thing for catflesh and penises. Short story even shorter, Bruce is accosted one night while bathing, the accursed tub doing things to him that might not be printable on a family blog before giving birth to something even stranger than a living, breathing hunk of porcelain.

This is a very straightforward, actiondriven tale. And it’s also fun. The scares are there, and the creepiness, but it’s the sense of humor – and the desire to shock you – that shines. I laughed out loud and cringed at the same time while I read it – especially during a scene involving a waggling phallus and the contemplation of how far away is a safe enough distance from a maneating bathtub.

Never once is a reason given for the bathtub’s actions, and that’s okay. Sometimes, you can be given a larger chill by not knowing than if the author were to give you an unsatisfactory explanation. I love this style of storytelling, though I’m not very good at it, myself. Therefore, I have much more respect for those who do.

“Down the Drain” is a rumpus of uncomfortable horror. It goes by quickly, and will grab you in places you’ll never expect and jiggle you around a while. It’s an extremely enjoyable ride, no matter how short it is. I personally guarantee fun will be had by all who read this…unless you’re bothered by naked men running around and defending themselves from maneating bathroom fixtures, that is.

Personal Enjoyment – 9

Overall – 45/50 (4.5/5)

I may never take a bath or shower again. In fact, maybe I should just avoid all bathrooms with tubs/showers all together. This is a great short tale about well... a bathtub in a really bad freaking mood.

Unlike another book I read by this author, this one is much less realistic; it tries too hard, but on purpose. It wants to scare and shock you, but it really wants to make you do that "ha ha, I'm not scared" laugh while you lock the bathroom doorfrom the outside.

It takes a lot for me to enjoy a short story/novella/whatever you want to call them. I usually find them underdeveloped (duh) but I didn't feel that way at all with Down The Drain.

You need to be not a prude and enjoy a little scare tactics (and not mind a real WTF moment). Recommended for those that can take it :)

This is a fun horror little story, well worth purchasing. Down the Drain is exactly what you would want out of a short story. The novella is overflowing with scares as Pyle showers us with some cringe inducing images. In fact, the story was so stark and brutal that I was taken completely off guard (in the best way possible). Any thoughts that a story about a crazed bathtub would be funny and goodnatured are wiped away after the first chapter. Pyle plays it straight and, ultimately, that is what elevates Down the Drain above other silly monster fare. This isn’t to say that Pyle doesn’t have fun with his audience. He does maintain playful prose throughout which helps to tie the whole story together. It is that wonderful juxtaposition of a sillyideataken seriously and serioushorrorwritten playfully that makes Down The Drain a novella that every horror fan should check out.
Flannery looks through her Kindle.

Hmmm, I want to read something fast. What looks short? Ah! This one…I think it was free from Amazon?

Starts reading. Wait a second, is this from the point of view of the cat?

The bathtub did what now?

Dude, you aren’t going to find your cat anytime soon.


Um, this has quite a few mentions of jerking off, penises, and semen “threads.”


Ew, is it made up of all the stuff that goes down the drain?

Okay, I would NOT try to engage. Didn’t you see that Discovery Channel special about those people with the snakes under their house. Dude, I’d move…pronto.

Are you kidding me, Bruce? You deserve what is coming to you.

Story finished. Did I enjoy it? Well, it was entertaining, to be sure. And it definitely grossed me out several times. Mission accomplished!
Bruce Has Lost Everyone He Ever Cared About—even His Cat

Now He Thinks He's Finally Alone In The House, But Something Is About To Come Clawing Its Way Out Of The Plumbing To Prove Him Wrong