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The Chalk Garden Tells The Story Of Mrs St Maugham And Her Granddaughter Laurel, A Disturbed Child Under The Care Of Miss Madrigal, A Governess The Setting Of The Play Was Inspired By Bagnold S Own Garden At North End House In Rottingdean, Near Brighton, Sussex, The Former Home Of Sir Edward Burne Jones The Work Has Since Been Revived Numerous Times Internationally, Including A Film Adaptation In

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    This is a totally magical vignette of a story within an Edwardian costume drama like Downton Abbey It s also a bit gothic in its creepiness Essentially there is a snobbish old bat think Maggie Smith with enough money to maintain a staff of an autocratic butler never seen who is dying in his bed and a traumatised manservant who certainly doesn t know his place She is seeking to employ a governess for her teenage granddaughter The granddaughter s hobby is arson, her expertise is lying and her co conspirator the crime obsessed manservant She gets rid of all governesses with her appalling behaviour so her grandmother is forced to take anyone who applies and can put up with the brat And so the job falls to a mysterious but obviously well bred lady who has no references and is not in the least subservient to the old bat to whom she gives better gardening advice than the unseen butler.The plot also involves lies about rape, a mother come back to claim her daughter now she is remarried and pregnant and the consequent tug of war with granny and an elderly judge who comes for lunch.And it is the judge who resolves the story and reveals the secret the mysterious governess has been keeping close to her bosom view spoiler She is a woman apparently convicted wrongly by the judge of murder who spent a long time in prison and is now trying to re establish herself in any way she can Her secret revealed she must leave, but the old bat cannot bear to lose an expert gardener and so she ends up staying, but on her own terms hide spoiler

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    If you ve seen the film of this, it s basically loyal to the play, but you have to read between the lines a little bit to see everything that is actually happening There are pretty good reviews elsewhere here about the basic plot points, which involve a mysterious governess coming to a mysterious household and each side trying to discern the other s secrets It s entertaining, but the language here is somewhat florid Or perhaps it has dated just poorly enough, but either way, you d need a good production with strong acting and direction for some of the story not to get lost in the subtext.Fun, but perhaps in need of an update.

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    It is the mid 1950s In a Sussex country house, the elderly Mrs St Maugham lives with her unruly granddaughter Laurel Though without references, Miss Madrigal becomes the paid companion to Laurel Only when The Judge visits does the truth unravel The production is introduced by the director, Michael Grandage.http programmes b00zddlk

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    Really loved this very moving, wonderful and believable characters and ultimately redeeming.

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    It is a drama about the complex family relationships in an English house The servants are part of the decisions made in the family It is also about the ability to nurture and grow up and the possibility of a new life.

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    I don t read many plays This is one about a mysterious woman who answers an advertisement to be a companion for a young girl who is being raised by her grandmother.

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    A strong play with an uneven ending

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    Oh dear What a lot of fuss about nothing Really quite tedious.

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    Hard to follow The play s dated material might translate better on stage.