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A Continent Is Sundered The Kingpriest S Arrogance Brings The Wrath Of The Gods Upon Krynn The Result Is The Cataclysm Chaos And Anarchy, Despair And Villainy And Inspiring Heroism Mark Anthony, Nancy Varian Berberick, Todd Fahnestock, Richard A Knaak, Roger E Moore, Douglas Niles, Nick O Donohoe, Dan Parkinson, Paul B Thompson And Tony R Carter, And Michael And Teri Williams Contribute Untold Stories To This Indespensable Collection Margaret Weis And Tracy Hickman Enhance This Lineup With An Original Novella And Verse Dedicated To The Accursed Lord Soth

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    .This is definitely a worthwhile, fantasy, adventure that I enjoyed very much.Would recommend

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    3.5 I ended up enjoying most of the stories in this collection It was interesting to read about the Cataclysm, this event that s so important to the history of the company in Dragonlance Chronicles and Legends I liked that the stories are about all different types of characters kender, ogres, knights, humans My favorite story is The Highpriest of Halcyon, which is creepy and dark with a pretty good twist True Knight, the novella by Weiss and Hickman, is also up there for me as the background story of Riverwind s ancestors No Gods, No Heroes is a great example of the humor that Krynn and its characters can support I recommend this for people who haven t read any Dragonlance books before since it s historical and for Dragonlance fans in general.

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    Most of the stories are spot on Lord Soth is still my favorite.

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    Plot The Cataclysm The event when the gods of Krynn threw a fiery mountain or meteor, if you want to get technical upon, the world, shattering it and ending Istar forever, and ushering in The Age of Despair Here, we are given a series of short stories depicting how the people of the world survived the aftermath, surviving in a world that has been changed With darkness reigning not only in the corners of the world, but in the hearts of the people as well, it will take special, strong heroes to find the light in a world without gods, a world without faith, a world of despair.Like The Reign of Istar, this book has multiple plots from containing different stories written by different authors Some where humorous and well written, while others were touching The highlight of this book has to be the novella depicting the rise of Lord Soth, and how in a surprising twist he shows how darkness isn t a physical manifestation but an inward choice.Caution Characters in peril, with some blood and broken limbs Uses of h word and d word.Lessons A person s true worth isn t found in their outer appearance, their rank, or their nationality, but in their heart and soul We should strive to have faith even when those around us choose not to Even when it doesn t appear so, light and goodness still abound.

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    The Cataclysm is another short story collection from the Dragonlance saga This anthology features eleven stories from various contributing authors Included stories are The Word and the Silence, Mark of the Flame, Mark of the Words, The Bargain Driver, Seekers, No Gods, No Heroes, Into Shadow, Into Light, Ogre Unaware, The Cobbler s Son, The Voyage of the Sunchaser, The High Priest of Halcyon, and True Knight.As short story collections go, this was one of my favorites The stories all read well enough, and several of them were quite enjoyable quick reads I loved No Gods, No Heroes and Ogre Unaware, and The Voyage of the Sunchaser was a pleasant adventure.But there is enough background from the main Dragonlance timeline that if you have not read the Chronicles or Legends collections, then you may be left a little confused once you finish this anthology.Very good stories, though.

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    I know I really enjoyed this book, but after looking at a list of the stories included I find I have almost no memory of most of them Of course two of the exceptions, Ogre Unaware and The Cobbler s Son would have to feature gully dwarves and kender, respectively I seem to be one of the few people who isn t fatally annoyed by those two types of characters The Cobbler s Son would have to go in the list of my favorite short stories it s fun and hilarious and cute and just a teeny bit of a tearjerker in places Roger E Moore is one of the few people who can write a good kender story No Gods No Heroes was also good, although in a slapstick kind of way And True Knight was one of those perfectly canon naturally, it was written by the creators of the series , powerful stories that I enjoyed once and have little interest in reading again The rest, eh, maybe I ll pick up a copy of the book sometime and see if they jog any good memories.

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    And so the fifth volume of the Tales series is read out One to go It took me longer than expected and desired Like the others, however, there are good and not good stories in it, making the novel on a whole not super, but average Then again, it concerns seperate tales of low importance in the storyline of Dragonlance and Krynn.Not good enough for me The Word And The Silence Seekers Ogre Unaware The Voyage Of The SunchaserGood, but never super Mark Of The Flame, Mark Of The Word The Bargain Driver No Gods, No Heroes Into Shadow, Into Light The Cobbler s Son The High Priest Of Halcyon True Knight

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    One of the last decent Dragon Lance books published, to be honest Some of the 5th Age ones are just AWFUL, seriously, don t waste your time Only folks who ve read Chronicles and Legends are going to like this collection everybody else won t really know what s going on but for the fans out there, there is a LOT of good stuff in this one Ogre Unaware by Dan Parkinson is very sweet, No Gods No Heroes by Nick O Donohoe is awfully funny, and The Cobbler s Son by Roger E Moore is the best, bar none, the BEST kender story I ve ever read And if you re wondering what a kender isyou probably don t need to read this collection.

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    I ve never played in the DragonLance universe I don t think I d have the patience to deal with NPCs like Kenders and Guly Dwarves and the Knights of the Rose seem awfully silly without huge tracts of land to support their follies and missions.I liked No Heroes, No Gods and True Knight the best.I also liked Ogre Unaware and The Cobbller s Son in spite of myself.

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    a great read, the evil of the Kingpriest and pride is unbelievable, the cataclysm was bound to happen but the pity was that so many suffered who were not guilty it was great catching up a bit on the effect of the cataclysm