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Being a huge fan of the TV series, I really really really want to love the books I don t.I try and I try and I try, but at some point I have to shake my head and move on to something else I m a student at uni and like to read crime novels for light relief between study, assignments and exams I want something that pushes me to think, but that entertains me at the same time Somewhere along the line, Reichs fails to achieve this.I ve tried to work out what I don t like and I think it comes down to two things.1 In the TV series Temperence Brennan is a forensic anthropologist and a best selling novelist Now, given her total inability to engage in normal social conversation without a translation dictionary, I find it hard to believe she can write complex characters such as those discribed and have them ring true In the novels Brennan is a lotsocially savvy, but still the people who inhabit her novels come across as character types from central casting rather than people in their own right Like TV Brennan, Reichs may be good at dealing with skeletons, but not the flesh and souls that make them their home.2 Oh my goodness, the info dumping Novel Brennan is constantly lecturing her daughter, her lover, the local cops, her butcher, her baker, the nearest bum on the street as a way of informing her audience and it s just awful The way she goes about this is so heavy handed and it pulls me out of the story everytime Brennan says What do you know about then proceeds to bring them up to speed.So, no Not a fan I know Reichs is on the best seller list I know others love what she does Not me I m off now, there s a new season of Bones to pop into the DVD player. Dr Temperance Brennan Spends Her Life Working Amongst The Decomposed, The Mutilated And The Skeletal So The Two Days Dead Body She Is Called To Examine Holds Little To Surprise Her Until She Discovers That The Man Is John Lowery, An Ex Soldier Who Was Apparently Killed In Vietnam InSo Who Is Buried In Lowery S GraveThe Case Takes Tempe To The Heart Of The American Military, Where She Must Examine The Remains Of Anyone Who May Have Had A Connection To The Drowned Man It S A Harrowing Task, But It Pays Off When She Finds Lowery S Dog Tags Amongst The Bones Of A Long Dead SoldierAs Tempe Unravels The Tangled Threads Of The Soldiers Lives And Deaths, She Realises There Are Some Who Would Rather The Past Stayed Dead And Buried And When She Proves Difficult To Frighten, They Turn Their Attention To The One Person She Would Give Her Life To Protect I ve been a longtime fan of this series and the show but I must admit, this newest effort was such a wank job Uninteresting story with a resolution that was so confusing, I didn t understand what was going on even as it was explained to me.Reichs strains mightily to get Tempe out of the office and into the line of fire and shoehorns into the narrative 2 3 action scenes that feel forced and are unbelievable The end, when both Tempe and Ryan s daughters are put in danger, is a series lowpoint.I ve been mainly sticking with this series because I genuinely like Tempe and Ryan and have been waiting years to see them finally settle down together but I understand now that Reichs will never give us this happy ending Like a weekly TV show that resets every week, no progress in any one book is carried over to the next Frustrating and unsatisfying Until Reichs picks up her game, I can t recommend this series in it s current state to anyone Why read Love the seriesWhat impressed me I loved Tempe in Hawaii I loved her vacationing with her daughter and I loved seeing her work in a new place with a different group of people I absolutely loved Tempe and Ryan spending time together, with their respective kids, and not having everything be sort of overwhelmed by work as it usually is The mystery was completely unforeseeable I thought I had it figured out a couple of times, but was always proven wrong.What disappointed me I m sort of getting sick of Tempe constantly being in danger At the rate she s going, you d expect her to have a constant security detail.Recommended Yes Series fans will love the great balance between mystery and Tempe s personal life.Continue series Definitely However long the series lasts, I m sticking with it. The Queen of Unbelievable Coincidences strikes again Seriously, why has no one with any influence over Kathy Reichs ever sat her down and explained that she can t keep forcing connections between cases that have no business being related It takes away from an otherwise great series.In this one, Tempe starts out with a body in Canada, but heads back to the States NC, of course when the body is identified as a man who reportedly died during the Vietnam war Then it s off to Hawaii for some Linda Fairstein style education about the Joint POW MIA Accounting Command While there, Tempe is also asked to help identify some body parts that have been gnawed on by sharks And GUESS WHAT Everything is connected somehow Bet you didn t see that one comingI still love reading these books, but it s hard to imagine giving onethan 3 stars right now. Not a lot happened in this book Spider Bones was a pretty quick audio to listen to while at work In it, Tempe and her daughter go to Hawaii to try to have a vacation lmfao, yeah. sure While there, she is of course working on a murder case She also invited Ryan and his daughter to come join them.The duo definitely worked some magic on this case and by the end of the book, it was solved It also didn t hurt that it was kind of like a family thing as well Their daughters both had a hand in helping this case get solved it just sucked ass that they had to be in danger too.Other than that, this book was just kind of meh The girls were a bit dramatic and annoying throughout the book until they reached a mutual understanding Then Ryan and Tempe s little whatever drama was just meh and annoying as well I don t care if they are or aren t together. but could they just pick a side already I hate the back and forth of their relationship and just want to know their final decision. This is the first Kathy Reichs I ve read, and, well, I didn t hate it Unlike the Patricia Cornwell I read last year But neither am I really grabbed by it Will I readOnly time will tell, and whether or not one of my lists coughs up one for me to read I certainly won t avoid it, but I know there s at least one mystery writer writing forensic anthropology mysteries that my mother likesMaybe I ll search him out.Note The rest of this review has been withdrawn due to the changes in Goodreads policy and enforcement You can read why I came to this decision here.In the meantime, you can read the entire review at Smorgasbook Recently took a short trip and decided to take along Kathy Reichs SPIDER BONES on CD to help alleviate the boredom of a ride across the desert I came away from the experience vowing never to read or listen to another offering in this series My dissatisfaction stems from many sources I will attempt to enumerate just a few.1 Her relationship with Ryan The green eyed monster rears its ugly head every time another woman comes on the scene, in this case Honolulu medical examiner Hadley Perry Temperance is supposed to be and intelligent, logical woman and when it comes to Ryan she is a dithering idiot All I can say is Make a decision already It s either yes or no.you either love him or you don t 2 Temperance s daughter Kathy is an exasperating twenty four year old who behaves like a churlish, insolent brat Her responses to her mother and others around her were those of a rather petulant sixteen year old rather than an educated young woman.3 Adding multiple murders and the drug angle sent the story off on a tangent unrelated to the original narrative making an already tedious story, overly convoluted When you removed all the extraneous material, the solution to the initial mystery was fairly obvious so perhaps this was the reason for Ms Reich s meandering all over the map with her tale 4 All of the acronyms in the book and the extensive medical explanations exacerbated my frustration with this book and were mind numbing although I did add one new word to my vocabulary chimera I always thought it was an inexpensive outdoor fireplace, now I know better.I have created my own acronym to describe this book J.U.N.K JUMBLED UNEVENTFUL NOT a KEEPER.