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I would actually give this book 2.5 stars if that was a possibility Since it s not, I rounded down.I m a huge fan of the TV show Bones So when I encountered this book by Bones creator Kathy Reichs at a second hand bookstore, I grabbed it, thinking that of course I would like the book too.I was kind of wrong I didn t hate the book, but it took me some time to get through it Reichs s writing style is somewhat staccato her descriptive prose is written in half thoughts, like she s checking off items on a list, sort of the way her brain probably works while she s examining skeletal remains at her day job Unfortunately, we re not all forensic anthropologists, so as a layperson, I d appreciate a littleinsight into the subject matter she s writing about And even though it was published only two months later, the book feels like a Me too companion to The DaVinci Code That said, I just picked up another of her books at the same store It cost a dollar, and I don t like to dismiss an author out of hand, having read only one of her books So we ll see. An average forensic procedural mystery In this one Tempy is called to examine centuries old bones supposedly retrieved from the Massada massacre site of biblical times People have already paid with their lives in trying to acquire this skeleton, which she calls Massada Max A couple of archeologists are of the view that the skeleton is of Christ himself Theories abound that Christ died as a ripe old man after having progeny of his own, and amidst an extended family Tempy is drawn to Israel, in the wake of the finding, and , as usual lives are in danger Her longtime boy friend, DI Andrew Ryan is also there following the investigation of a related murder As usual she is embroiled in high intensity adventure.Learnt lots about the history of Judaism and Christianity, thouh Islam was touched only briefly upon. Good. but not my favorite Cross Bones is the 8th installment for the Temperance Brennan series In it, Temperance is travelling from Montreal to Israel Why Well, it s to track down some mysterious killer and solve a slightly religious murder In this book, it seems that the skeletal remains may or may not be the bones of Jesus s family.Interesting. but I didn t really care for the religious take this time around I am catholic and all. but it was just boring to listen to The only thing that kept me engaged was trying to figure out who the real killer was and after finding that out, I was shocked I liked that I had no idea who the killer was and now I can t wait to dive into the next audio whenever that will happen.Overall, it was okay. I read murder mysteries when my brain needs a rest and I want to escape I tend to find an author and read all of her his work beginning with the first book published That s what I ve done with Kathy Reich with the exception of this book I didn t have the next two in her Temperance Brennan collection, so I skipped ahead to Cross Bones.Reading this book felt timely as Tempe heads to Israel, so it was trippy to read a story that was taking place at sites I was hearing about on the news daily It s a good story that s based on a snippett of a story about an archelogical dig Reich does great research, and she has clearly been to the places about which she is writing This was a fast, enjoyable read and though interesting, not is intricately plotted as some of her earlier pieces Perhaps that s because her research needed to be impeccable when addressing the subject matter of the the ongoing religious conflict between Jews, Christians and Muslims. How disappointing I enjoy mysteries because they make me think, they are usually well researched and can either teach me something or challenge me in some way, or make me laugh Since this book was written by a former forensic scientist, I thought there would be something here Instead, Reichs is one of the most condescending writers I ve read Instead of using a plot, she advances the action by having the main character ask herself redundant questions sometimes eight of them in a row She is so unconfident in her writing skills that she puts a stupid cliffhanging statement at the end of each chapter Her characters are lame and predictable, her plots forced and her endings contrived I really wonder about the state of the publishing industry when so many manuscripts never make it through the slush piles, but such garbage as this is published Its my first and last of this series, and actually I rented the audiobook because Barbara Rosenblat was narrating it, and I figured whatever she did was worth listening to Poor woman After narrating such fine authors as Nevada Barr and Elizabeth Peters, she must have suffered through this one. Honestly, I want to give the book 1.5 stars, but it won t let me For series, a one star means I definitely won t read the next book, but in this case, I probably will However, this book was a chore to get through I feel like Reichs was jumping on the Dan Brown bandwagon with this book At an autopsy of a Jewish importer in Montreal, Brennan is handled a photo of a skeleton unearthed at Masada, but the skeleton was never included in the official reports Could this be the skeletal remains of Jesus This book had three problems which drive me crazy 1 too much detail, 2 too stupid too live syndrome, and 3 too preachy I like science, but even I got sick of the numerous discussions of carbon dating, mitochondrial DNA, and other too in depth too care descriptions There was too much detail that failed to move the story along, and instead, it felt as though someone had tied a lead balloon to the narrative pace Second, I know narrative tension arises when the protagonist puts himself or herself in danger Yet, when an intelligent woman knows that a killer is on the loose repeatedly running into danger blindly or compromising a crime scene becomes unbelievably frustrating Finally, in case I wasn t already thinking Thank goodness, this book is over when I neared the end, the author has to throw in the all religions are the same why can t we all get along Normally, I wouldn t mind so much, but it was just the icing on the cake of was anything in this book really necessary The actually mystery of who murdered the Jewish importer was really only explored on 30 40 pages of a 348 page book My least favorite Temperance Brennan book, so far, let s hope they get better, or the next one will be getting one star. A Full Week After Death, A Barely Recognisable Body Is Discovered In A Closet Death By Self Inflicted Gunshot Wound To The Head Is The Initial Assessment, But The Victim S Relatives Are Adamant That This Was Not SuicideExtreme Heat Has Accelerated Decomposition, And Dr Temperance Brennan S Forensic Expertise Is Required Even For Her, It Is Virtually Impossible To Determine The Trajectory Of The BulletBut Just As Tempe Is Attempting To Make Sense Of The Evidence, An Unknown Man Slips Her A Photograph Of A Skeleton Could This Hold The Answer To The Victim S Death This is probably the most cohesive and entertaining Tempe Brennan novel since Fatal Voyage It doesn t suffer from the odd dialogue or sometimes cumbersome or confusing plots And gone are the quasi teenaged approach in regards to how Tempe handles her relationship with Ryan.A murdered orthodox Jew turns up in Montreal, shot execution style How does this fall into Tempe s lap A strange man gives her a photo that was supposedly given to him by the deceased A photo showing an old skeleton that was unearthed in Israel A very special skeleton that supposedly has ties to the murder victim What makes the skeleton so special There s speculation that the skeleton could be that of Jesus himself.Sound a little far fetched Maybe at first glance, but this plot is based on actual facts and events The James ossuary in Israel, the tombs at Massada, etc, etc.This book is very reminiscent of something that would be written by a James Rollins or Dan Brown Even the latest Robin Cook book has a similar theme an ancient finding shrouded in mystery that could turn long standing modern religious dogma on its ear Robin Cook s latest book, Intervention, had the same type of plot profile, only this book was done to much better effect.Noseemingly unrelated family dramas for Tempe in this book NoI m too proud to ask Ryan what s really on his mind infantile handling of their relationship They re together, they re an item, they still work together and they do it well Those are a few of the things that have kept the past few Tempe books from really shining the fact that they ve often deviated from the main plot with sub plots usually of a personal or familial nature that have nothing to do with the overall story of the book and make the novel seem disjointed.Very concise, very entertaining and full of interesting facts about early Christian religion and Israeli history. Cross Bones is the 8th book in Kathy Reichs s Temperance Brennan forensic mystery series I found it to be one of theinteresting ones so far.Temperance is working at her 2nd job as forensic anthropologist assisting the Montreal coroner For those not familiar with the books, Temperance works in South Carolina most of the time, but spends time also in Montreal as part of an arrangement This story starts off with Temperance assisting with two bodies, one who is found in a chimney and another who may have committed suicide His autopsy is witnessed by members of the Jewish community as well During this autopsy, Tempe is given a photo of a skeleton and is advised that is the reason for the victim s murder.Thus starts an adventure that will take Tempe and her lover, police detective Andrew Ryan to Israel in search of further evidence and also to discover if the bones might be those of Jesus Christ It s an intriguing story a murder mystery and an investigation into the history of Jesus family The story moves along very nicely and provides an interesting history of the archeological digs in Israel as well as a nice glimpse of the country itself I did find some of it confusing, especially the story which is based on a true one of the discoveries in Masada As well, the possible implications of discovering the body of JC, if it turns out to be the case in this story, and its impact on Christianity, Judaism and even Islam are examined, sometimes a bit too much There is lots of action and the interactions between Tempe and Ryan are excellent All in all it was a fascinating mystery and a joy to read I have found that sometimes Kathy Reichs seems to be going through the motions, but not in this story 4 stars Started to read this and realised I have in fact already read it years ago, it wasn t my favourite of the series so far, I am no longer a fan of Da Vinci Code and conspiracy theory plot lines but I will continue with the series and hope they return tofamiliar themes.