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A Gripping Temperance Brennan Novel From Forensic Anthropologist And Bestselling Crime Thriller Writer Kathy ReichsOn A Bitterly Cold March Night In Montreal, Forensic Anthropologist Dr Temperance Brennan Is Exhuming The Remains Of A Nun In The Grounds Of An Old ChurchHours Later, Tempe Is Called To The Scene Of A Horrifying Arson A Young Family Has Perished, But There Is No Explanation, No Motive, And No WitnessesFrom The Charred Remains Of The Inferno, To A Trail Of Sinister Cult Activity, Tempe Faces A Nerve Shattering Case Which Will Test Her Forensic Expertise And Her Instinct For Survival

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    I started watching the TV show Bones on Fox last season, but I had known that the show was based on Kathy Reichs character Temperance Brennan That s about all the similarities that there are between the TV show and the book You could stretch and say that Quebec Detective Ryan is Seely Booth, but that s reeealllyyy reaching it.I like a good mystery, detective novel, and this book does not fail me Not only is there a nice chunk of CSI thrown in there is also one of my favorite topics, cults So we ve got murder to be investigated, suspects to interview and cults to figure out LOVE IT I zipped through this book pretty quickly Reichs is a fine writer, and the character of Dr Brennan is a little socially adept than the TV version.If you like the show, you ll most likely like the book too just as long as you realize that there is absolutely nothing in the book that lends itself to the TV show.

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    I m really struggling to separate these books from the TV show, though I found that I enjoyed this one than the first book.Maybe I m starting to get use to this original TemperanceThese are the types of books that I normally enjoy, so I m a little disappointed that it hasn t hooked me as much as the show.I reckon I d should give it a sizeable gap between finishing watching all the episodes then returning to theses books at a later date.

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    This is a series that I won t be pursuing Almost 20 % into the book and it reads a little like a Standard Operating Procedure for lab work If you ve done any such, save yourself the boredom The only other mentions is hinting of the title character s all good traits she s hard working, honest, virtuous, beautiful, slim, nice, did I mention beautiful And she handles pipettes and forensic tools with the same determination and purpose as she prepares her meals and

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    Death is on the menu today at your international chain restaurant murder cult Luckily for crime prevention, you coincidentally happen to live part time in all the locations that possess these sanguine establishments And because you work a bizillion hours a week you go out to eat a lot.

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    SPOILER ALERT This author annoys me This story was WAY too similar to the first book Best friend missing to sister missingintruder in house oh, just a cat on fireand all that crap about some buzzing in her memory cells all the time I also get tried of all the metaphors, but that was better in this book at least So far I just find the writing amateurish and it feels like she s trying too hard.I also HATED the ending We did not get to see any of the links unfold, she just summed it up for the reader through conversations in the last chapter, and one conversation didn t even make sense Waaaaaaay too easy After reading the entire book I totally felt GYPPED that I was left out of the solving part of the book.I think that one reason this author, or this series, annoys me so much is because I watch the series Bones and LOVE IT The series is LOOSELY based on these books, at least as far as I ve read in the series I don t see that many similarities, especially in Brennan Personality is just off and I have a hard time with that, since I m an avid watcher of the tv shower And finally, do all these murder myster solvers have to be recovering alcoholics That just irritates me too Overall I liked the story, and there are some positives to her writing, but the ending really ruined this book for me I ll try another, my fingers stay crossed that it will get better.

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    Meh I am once again taken in by the mistaken belief that surely books this popular and well discussed must have something to them, right People do have a modicum of taste and literary judgment, yes Apparently, people have a taste for plots which are entirely held together by a soupy glue of wild coincidence and random chance A lot of criminal activities and organizations have specific ties to both Charlotte and Quebec, you know Oh, and it is very common for the various family members and loved ones of an investigator to randomly go wandering into the line of fire in a case Happens to me all the time People also apparently like cardboard angst and a wooden romance the entire scene preceding the first hook up of our main couple is summarized in a paragraph, with such deathless prose as, and Ryan disclosed his feelings about fill in random life event of note Oi.In comparison to the painfully abbreviated attempts at character and the flailings of the plot, Reichs devotes swaths of the text to explanations of things like spatter pattern analysis in physical assaults Which I personally find fascinating, but all things told I d take a textbook over this any day Far less irritating.Some of my wrath is disappointment I m fond of Bones, the spin off TV show It also features Temperance Brennan, forensic anthropologist, but her location, friends, coworkers, and story are entirely different The dialogue is snappy, the secondary characters charming, the potential relationship actually touching, oh and David Boreanaz is a goofy but talented FBI agent Good times all around.

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    What a disappointment The first book wasn t fantastic, by any stretch, but it was so much better than this I guessed every single plot point along the way, except for the ones where information was deliberately kept from the reader Which brings me to one of my major complaints about this book it used a lazy writer trick that happens to be a big pet peeve of mine the character knows information but doesn t share it with the reader It s something that a writer can sort of get away with if the story is written in third person, but you ve got a first person narrative, it s just plain bad writing to say I looked at the back of the skull and came to a startling realization that changed everything Minor Character Standing Nearby looked over my shoulder, saw the same thing and let out a loud exclamation And then wait until the end of the book to clue the reader in on what they saw It s frustrating and it cheapens the story.If this had been the first book of the series, I never would have bothered finding the second one As it was, I had to struggle to finish reading it In short, the book left me annoyed, somewhat bored and just interested enough it how it was all going to finally be revealed that I read to the end.

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    Kathy Reichs is a fairly good writer She does have an obsession with clumsy similes that are often so bad they take me out of the story completely, but that aside, she generally is a good writer That said, this book annoyed the hell out of me.My first complaint is that Reichs constantly creates fake mysteries that are only mysterious because she won t state what the characters figure out At the beginning, Tempe her main character discovers something important about a would be saint from the 1800s Throughout the novel we re constantly reminded that there s some major twist regarding the would be saint s bones that might cause a problem And Reichs refuses to reveal that twist until the very end, even though it s inconsequential it has nothing whatsoever to do with the main story and feels like a major letdown once she reveals it That would be bad enough, but she does the shell trick with every single thing that happens in the story Any details regarding anything that takes place in the story cannot be revealed until Reichs has avoided revealing the details at least 241 times Honestly, if Tempe ordered lunch from a deli, I would fully expect to find out via a major revelation 200 pages later that a pickle was included in the deal, a pickle that gasp she did not ask for.Reichs doesn t create suspense, she creates annoyances It s the literary equivalent of the cat jumping out of the shadows in a grade Z horror movie.But as annoying as that might be, her biggest flaw is that she loves creating several different storylines and then revealing that everything is related and extremely personal , even if the convergence of events makes no sense whatsoever In her first book, Reichs sacrifices Tempe s best friend which is a blessing, since the friend is one of the most gratingly awful characters ever created in a work of fiction in a desperate attempt to make the mystery as personal as possible In Du Jour , the role of the lamb goes to Tempe s previously unmentioned sister, who conveniently becomes involved in a series of events spanning from Texas to North Carolina to Canada.Which is my biggest problem with this book Tempe is asked to examine the remains of a would be saint, then is asked to investigate a torched house where several people including two infants were viciously murdered There s also the body of a woman who was literally fed to the dogs, and when Tempe s on vacation with her niece, the bodies of two other women are found on the remote island she s visiting Although we don t find out that it s TWO women instead of a man and a woman until chapters later, because oh yeah, fake mysteries The fact that it s two women instead of a man and a woman changes nothing whatsoever, but Reichs idea of suspense is to wait until long after anyone would care to reveal the gender of the second victim.And oh yeah, every single event is related, from the saint to the tortured babies to the victim of dogs to the remote island corpses Because that s what passes for logic in this book.And let s not forget that every fifty pages Tempe is either attacked or has cat bones thrown into her apartment I kid you not with the warning that she needs to back away, even though no one ever specifies what exactly she needs to back away from.This is the second novel I ve read by Reichs after reading her debut novel which was actually worse And yes, this will be the last novel I ll read by Reichs She s a fairly good writer as long as you ignore the all too frequent flaws But I d rather read a book by someone who writes without all the obvious flaws Thanks anyway.

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    The second book in the series was wonderful, somehow it was even better than the first which I found to be a bit long and overly wordy yet enjoyable never the less this left me hungry for , what better in a continuing story line than a hook line and sinker type of feeling, reading Death du Jour made me crave the next book right away I almost never read a series one after another, I give myself a break because it s always better to crave the next than get stuck in a similar story and feel like I m reading an eight hundred page book That said I can t recommend Kathy Reichs enough, she knows what she s talking about and she engages the reader rather than making me feel like I m standing on the site and observing, I couldn t wait for a free moment to sit and read, on the train, during lunch, before bed, you get the gistIts winter time and Temperance finds herself working on a misplaced nun coffin, along the way she gets called to examine the victims of a fire, this of course is no ordinary accident, what fire victims after all have execution style bullet wounds in their head Clues from her work place and a nearby university reveal that something foul is going on, as usual Tempe gets mixed up into a situation that puts her life in danger, her character is so well written that the reader feels her victories and her falls with great flair I loved solving the mystery alongside of her, tracking strange disappearances and wondering what happened to the mutilated bodies, traveling and picking up clues and forming opinions of a bunch of zany characters, for those who love gristly deaths, mystery, clues, realistic characters and engaging dialogue this is a real treasure, I hope this series has thirty books in it by the time she s done because deep down I want to read them all I liked the realistic element of danger, in the previous book her close friend meets with a deadly end so you never know when someone is going to exit the story, it keeps you on your toes I also enjoyed the bit of romance developing, it made things a bit interesting, and trust me, it s not nauseating, it adds to the depth of the book This was another nice read from Reichs and I can t wait to dig right back in Kasia S.

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