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In a horrendous regression from her recent work in the series, Kathy Reichs reverts back to her procedural roots in a story that is obvious, unsurprising, and, frankly, just unentertaining.Three sets of bones are found in the basement of a pizza parlour it s Quebecois, with a u and they turn out to belong to missing girls What these girls have fallen into isn t terribly surprising, nor is there really an opportunity to develop mystery, because it becomes pretty clear who the killer is as soon as the limited necessary information is introduced.That s the real problem with this volume It takes up 300 pages because Reichs denies Brennan reasonably determinable information or reasonable conclusions based upon already presented evidence solely to keep the book from ending too soon Instead we get delayed by the stop start relationship of Ryan, the addition of a friend in distress, and just things take time None of it is particuarly entertaining and I thought we had overcome the hitches with Ryan in the previous volume I suppose I should be thankful that at least our add on friend family member was not actually caught up in the plot like so many previous ones.If you are a completist, go ahead and read this Otherwise, I think it s time to drop out. Perhaps one of the very few mystery series that I don t necessarily read in chronological order.The seventh installment takes place in Montreal, Quebec in early December as Temperance Brennan works alongside detectives Claudel and Charbonneau to solve a mystery as to why the basement of a pizza parlour has skeletal remains.There s plenty of the usual angst in Tempe s personal life too, but the mystery is always the primary goal I ve stated before that I prefer the books to the show and I absolutely love when the storyline is in Montreal The latter is probably swayed by the fact that I recognize all the Montreal streets and landmarks mentioned in the story I also prefer the character of Andrew Ryan to Tempe s ex, but I might be in the minority there. . 141955Bones .. I am so happy to be diving back into this series I also really like these freaking audios flying through them Monday Mourning gives you so much mysterious drama I loved it Especially the little romance one between Brennan and Ryan The only think I didn t like was that Ryan didn t really believe or know about this certain surprise until like maybe a week or two before he told Brennan Yeah, that kind of pissed me off because he was sort of making her think that he was unfaithful if ya get my drift.Other than that, I loved the murder mystery Listening to these books just makes me want to dive back into re watching season one of this show This book is also making me crave pizza like crazy and finding gluten free pizza is a bitch so thanks book Brennan is such a bad ass little detective. but I feel like she needs to supervised at all times because this girl is ALWAYS in danger I don t know where Ryan is half the time but he needs to babysit her so she doesn t get hurt or something Overall, loved this book and the whole twists and turns it gave me I still don t like the ending because I think it could ve been handled better. but that s mostly because I m comparing the shit out of this book the characters to the show I can t help it guys Tempe has just suffered her seventh traumatic brain injury to date and i know the story will devolve into the usual formulaic ending so I don t really have to keep reading from here do I I am surprised she is not a shambling, drooling amnesiac, she s been hit in the head so much As always, I found the first 85% or so of this novel to be pretty interesting but I am getting annoyed at the tediously repetitious denouement Can t Ms Reichs come up with some other way to draw her novels to a close Two haiku review Bones found in cellarUnidentified teen girlsWhat happened to them One of series bestExciting plot twists and turnsPlus relationship Well, the science was good As usual it was thoroughly researched and I learned something new, about Carbon dating But, I can t help feeling the storyline just gets formulaic Got news about boyfriend seeing other woman, instead of asking she just keep quiet Then towards the end, of course she had to go to the house without telling anyone I mean, come on, this works on book 1 or 2 but by book 7 you think she d know better than plunge headfirst into potentially dangerous sitch don t you Oh well I probably keep reading the series anyhoo. Oh, Tempe I ve been in a relationship with you for 7 books now Things are going well, I m having fun, but honey we need to talk You need to either install a GPS tracking chip in your arm so people know where you are or maybe just actually tell people where you re going Crazy, I know Otherwise, the same scenario is just going to keep happening You ll go after someone alone and solve the case, but not before getting whacked in the head and tied up, hoping the boys in blue figure out where you are just in the nick of time Not that you make it easy for them You ve hadconcussions than an NFL player If not for me, please do it for your beautiful brain Or take a karate class. Maybe best yet in unusual skeleton doc series This is the seventh novel in the successful and best selling Tempe Brennon, board certified forensic pathologist, series Tempe is an exact replica of author Dr Reichs in real life same job, same education and background, and same dividing her time between two job settings one in Montreal she speaks fluent French and one in North Carolina Early in the book, Tempe testifies as an expert witness, but this was really just a ploy to describe the glowing credentials of our two heroines Tempe and the real life one and establish just what it is that they do sophisticated bone analysis to assist traditional medical examiners and coroners The plot per se gets cooking when three skeletons of undetermined age are discovered in the earthen cellar of a small pizza parlour While the technical details get a bit much from time to time, Tempe eventually uses carbon dating techniques to determine the likely ages of the bones and to start developing realistic leads re the identities of the victims, seemingly all teenaged young women A variety of somewhat undesirable people and businesses have passed through the pizza joint building, adding to the suspense As usual, the Canadian cops hold Tempe at arms length as they have trouble getting excited about the case until it seems likelycurrent victims are at risk The intriguing plot concludes with some first class detecting and a little bit of an implausible fire rescue scene with of course Tempe at the heart of the heroics.We ve read this entire set and like the fresh territory it generally covers While Tempe herself is not exactly that charming a persona, she has a great intellect coupled with a great caring about her work Those factors combine to make her relentless in stalking the details and, when possible, the perpetrators of the crimes with which she s engaged A love affair with cop Andrew Ryan is tending to get a little tiresome, and they are at odds throughout most of this story when Ryan appears to be cheating A best girlfriend of Tempe s Anne comes to visit and gets a lot of print, though we never were really quite sure how that fit into the scheme of things Nevertheless, we found Mourning to be a superb addition to the set to date, featuring Tempe s detective work at her best, with a tremendously clever and satisfying conclusion If one has not tried Reich s work yet, this one would make a great start. Three Skeletons Are Found In The Basement Of A Pizza ParlourThe Building Is Old, And The Homicide Detective In Charge Dismisses The Remains As Historic Not His Case Not His ConcernForensic Anthropologist Dr Temperance Brennan Is Not So Sure Something About The Bones Of These Three Young Women Suggests A Different Message MurderTempe Is In Montreal To Testify As An Expert Witness At A Trial Digging Up Bones Was Not On Her AgendaBut Soon She Finds Herself Drawn Ever Deeper Into A Web Of Evil From Which There May Be No Escape Three Women Have Disappeared, Never To Return Will Tempe Be Next