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Adam Rapp's brilliant and haunting story will break your heart But then his words will mend it Absolutely unforgettable Michael CartOn the run in a stolen car with a kidnapped baby in tow Custis Curl and Boobie are three young people with deeply troubled pasts and bleak futures As they struggle to find a new life for themselves it becomes painfully clear that none of them will ever be able to leave the past behind Yet for one redemption is waiting in the unlikeliest of places With the raw language of the street and lyrical stream of consciousness prose Adam Rapp hurtles the reader into a world of lost children a world that is not for the faint of heart Gripping disturbing and starkly illuminating his hypnotic narration captures the voices of two damaged souls a third speaks only through drawings to tell a story of alienation deprivation and ultimately the saving power of compassion

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    What the fuck No I mean seriously What the fuck

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    Find all of my reviews at StarsI read 33 Snowfish MONTHS ago and haven’t been able to figure out what to say about it I still can’t quite figure it out but the number of books read to books reviewed ratio on my home page is becoming a bit overwhelming so this is what you’re going to get Sooooooooo how did 33 Snowfish make me feel? Kinda a little something like this I read this back in my “it’s cold and winter is never going to end so recommend real bummers for me to read and justify my self diagnosed Seasonal Affective Disorder” period Having previously read something by Adam Rapp Punkzilla I expected 33 Snowfish to meet my criteria Rapp is an author who rather than making adults defend their choice to read a Young Adult novel instead makes one question if it’s okay for young adults to be reading a Young Adult novel The subject matter is bleak this is the story of runaway children – a pyromaniac a drug addicted prostitute a severely abused former kidnap victim and a baby The prose is gritty raw and well basically makes you just want to throw in the towel on having any sort of faith in humanity until the very end Rapp takes the cake when it comes to writing YA that crosses all lines and not being afraid to get really dark to make his books as real as possible Recommended for only the most mature of young adult readers Be prepared to openly discuss matters such as drugs prostitution and sexual abuse while they are reading And don’t forget the cookies Make sure you have some cookies to counteract the sad

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    Oh so raw sweet and compassionate 'Gritty innocence' seems to be Adam's forte indeed Once me and Boobie and Custis get settled we’re all going to marry each other

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    Reviewed by Mark Frye author and reviewer for TeensReadToocomAuthor and playwright Adam Rapp has created a masterful tale of woe in 33 SNOWFISH With all of the trappings of high literature there are stream of consciousness passages and multiple narrators the author transcends the Problem Novel genre in this homage to Faulkner's AS I LAY DYING Like many of Faulkner's novels 33 SNOWFISH depicts society's lowest common denominator while somehow managing to make these characters three dimensional and fairly sympathetic They are at once repulsive and pitiful the reader is drawn into their lives much like commuters passing by a car wreck One cannot help but look or want to lend a hand This is the story of Custis Curl and Boobie two teen runaways and one pre teen Each has a myriad of issues and a litany of anti social behaviors that include pyromania murder prostitution robbery kidnapping and weapons possession We are dragged along on their ill fated journey where we learn about their past while watching them in the disastrous present That the author finds a way to redeem one of the characters by the end of the story is a remarkable and credible feat Many reviewers issue a disclaimer about 33 SNOWFISH due to the lives of kids on the street being so graphically and dispassionately outlined There are many adult themes and some profanity This book is not for the squeamish But neither is it a trite formulaic sensationalistic bombshell every word every paragraph and every page is essential to the journey of these characters even though only one meets an end that is appealing Rapp is to be commended for not dumbing down a story of the street for a wider readership Many other young adult novels have a didactic message that is cumbersome and cliché sounding a warning as loud as a tuba leaving nothing for the reader to reflect upon But 33 SNOWFISH is that rare book that is art for the sake of art that makes the reader think for the message that makes its audience reach for the gift of understanding and the novel does it without wasting any words or pages Faulkner's fans and his detractors will appreciate this novel as will young adult readers Highly recommended

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    33 snowfish is at the literary pinnacle of YA fiction I stayed up until 217am to finish reading this novel I just couldn’t put it down I was in its thrall It reminded me of The Perks of Being a Wallflower and I read that novel with similar voraciousness Adam Rapp’s characters are about as unlikely as they come three homeless kids struggling to survive while also having to deal with a baby and their own personal demons This is a novel that really takes to task some of our expectations about humanity Physical and sexual violence are part of the lives of these characters and it is told with brutal honesty and without a hint of sentimentality He just tells it like it is for the characters he has created A patricidal arsonist age 17 a drug addicted prostitute age 14 and an emotionally damaged former kidnap victim age 10Rapp’s poetic writing is peppered across every beautiful page and adds so much depth and lyricism to the text that one can get lost in a poetic turn of phrase and almost forget the horrible acts these characters are suffering from and participating in This is one of the best examples of what literary YA fiction CAN be

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    This is a hauntingly dark novel that takes an unfiltered view at three children who have been forced to live lives they did not deserve Rapp develops the characters as not just people to feel sympathy for but actual tenderness despite their seemingly unmoral actions The redemption for Custis gives this book a gripping conclusion and hopeful side