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Where can you find a world class research institute, decaying bodies, Skoal spitting rednecks, underground caves and steamy romance all within a mile of each other Carved in Bone, of course Author Jefferson Bass is himself a fascinating character Too bad he doesn t exist.Bass is a hybrid between writer Jon Jefferson and Dr Bill Bass the forensic anthropologist who founded the notorious body farm , a three acre breeding ground for rotting corpses in backwoods Tennessee In fact, the area is a research laboratory for the University of Tennessee s Anthropology Department, but its morbid methodology and Deliverance esque locale only add to its intrigue and general creepiness In short, it is a perfect setting for a mystery thriller Carved in Bone is a fun, fast paced read full of suspense, intrigue, intellect and fascinating characters I picked up the novel in an airport, and two thousand miles later I had become a full blown Jefferson Bass addict As you can probably imagine, the story revolves around a body the body of a young woman dead for thirty years and strikingly preserved The quest of Dr Bill Brockton starts out strange and only gets stranger as he races to unlock her secrets He stabs dead people He faints head first into a barrel of dead roosters He vomits onto a massive bear of a good ol boy named Waylon The next time you think your job is rough, pick up a Jefferson Bass novel and try being a doctor of rot rates. Before starting this book I read some of the background concerning The Body Farm and the subject matter sounded so repugnant I just had to read it What I found was a book that informed and entertained me The insight that the book provides on forensic anthropology is captivating The anthropologists take a corpse and strip it back to the bare bones and the amount of information that the skeleton yields is mind blowing.Meanwhile, the local sheriff askes Dr Bill Brockton, the forensic anthropology from the body farm, for help with a corpse that has been discovered in a cave in the local area Dr Bill discovers that the corpse is a young female of about twenty years of age and, not only has been dead for thirty years, but she was also four month pregnant at the time of her death How Dr Bill comes to this conclusion is explained in fascinating detail.All the law enforcement agencies are called in but Dr Bill is fed so much B.S that he doesn t know who he can trust.Who killed this young woman and why becomes Dr.Bill Brockton mission.I found this to be a captivating thriller whilst educating me in subject that I had no knowledge of.Highly recommended. There Is A Patch Of Ground In Tennessee Dedicated To The Science Of Death, Where Human Remains Lie Exposed To Be Studied For Their Secrets The Real Life Scientist Who Founded The Body Farm Has Broken Cold Cases And Revolutionized Forensics And Now He Spins An Astonishing Tale Inspired By His Own ExperiencesRenowned Anthropologist Dr Bill Brockton Has Spent His Career Surrounded By Death At The Body Farm Now He S Being Called Upon To Help Solve A Baffling Puzzle In A Remote Mountain Community The Mummified Corpse Of A Young Woman Dead For Thirty Years Has Been Discovered In A Cave, The Body Bizarrely Preserved And Transformed By The Environment S Unique Chemistry But Brockton S Investigation Is Threatening To Open Old Wounds Among An Insular People Who Won T Forget Or Forgive And A Long Buried Secret Prematurely Exposed Could Inflame Brockton S Own Guilt And The Dangerous Hostility Of Bitter Enemies Determined To See Him Fail By Any Means NecessaryWith Fascinating Insider Information On The Body Farm A sensational first book in the series by the author known as Jefferson Bass While not only laying out a comprehensive explanation of forensic anthropology for laymen, but also creating a great story, the author is able to keep the reader interested from beginning to end Explaining things while still moving the story forward is a great skill Doing so while keeping characters developing, the setting realistic and the plot from going stale sets this book apart from many others I have read While not wrestling with the same inner angst as Tempe Brennan in a Kathy Reichs novel, we see great progression from a character based on one of the authors real life experiences.This series is sure to gather followers along the way It is so easy to read while also delving into some great topics I am leaning the Tennessee dialect of home South as I enjoy the dual pronged plot and the great character development Having heard about the Body Farm in an episode of Bones and I have Cornwell s book on my to read list , I am quite interesting in learningThis series will allow me to do so and also open me up to life in the South,Kudos Messrs Jefferson and Bass for a great opening novel This is the first in a now established series by the writing team of Bill Bass, a real forensic professor at the University of Tennessee, and Jon Jefferson, a writer and reported You can definitely tell this is a first effort I found some of the humor and dialog to be a little immature and clunky in several places I also found it difficult to believe that this widower is suddenly being seduced and fawned over by not one, but two college girls Really Not too believable.The mystery part was pretty good and the forensics information was interesting The Body Farm wasn t really a major part of the story which is what I thought this was going to be about The story ends up following a couple of cases One is court case that was botched by a shoddy autopsy, the second is a body found in a cave This second body has been entirely encased in adipocere, the solidified body fat that was left as the flesh decomposed Creepy I also enjoyed the eastern Tennessee setting I don t know much about the hills of Tennessee so it was quite a lot of fun imagining the characters and accents and places.Will definitely be looking for the second in the series. Carved in Bone by Jefferson Bass.This is the 1st in the body farm mystery series and my 7th since I didn t start at the beginning This story was an excellent read the details, which this series is famous for, is in depth and brings the reader into the story and close to the characters involved.A woman s body is found inside a cave under climatic conditions that preserved the body for decades without exterior decay She, the victim, appeared to be comparable to a wax figure Dr Bill was asked to examine the body before bringing it out of the enclosed cave Later upon closer examination he finds the woman had been strangled This discovery takes place in Cooke County, a backwards rural area where the police in charge and the criminals intermingle There s been a war going on between families a feud that has carried on from generation to generation Does this feud have anything to do with this victim.Don t miss this first entry in the body farm mysteries and don t miss this series One of the best ever and now made available on CD. There is a patch of ground in Tennessee dedicated to the science of death, where human remains lie exposed to be studied for their secrets The real life scientist who founded the Body Farm has broken cold cases and revolutionized forensicsand now he spins an astonishing tale inspired by his own experiences.I am absolutely engrossed by all the stories written by the Basses and Dr Brockton I ve really enjoyed this excellent reading and writing Highly Recommend There is a big part of me that would like to go and view the different ways the bodies have been laid, preserved and so forth Forensics is a fascinating science work that is included in this Renowned anthropologist Dr Bill Brockton has spent his career surrounded by death at the Body Farm Now he s being called upon to help solve a baffling puzzle in a remote mountain community The mummified corpse of a young woman dead for thirty years has been discovered in a cave, the body bizarrely preserved and transformed by the environment s unique chemistry But Brockton s investigation is threatening to open old wounds among an insular people who won t forget or forgive And a long buried secret prematurely exposed could inflame Brockton s own guilt and the dangerous hostility of bitter enemies determined to see him failby any means necessary.The real life scientist who founded the Body Farm has broken cold cases and revolutionized forensicsand now he spins an astonishing tale inspired by his own experiences Highly recommend this book Great read 4 StarsAwesome read Really enjoyed this new series All about forensic anthropology, which wasinteresting than it sounds There aretwists and turns than the Jersey Pike Dr Brockton is brought in to solve an old murder and finds that someone wants to stop him dead in his tracks With the aide of his students and Art, who happens to be a kick ass cop, one of the top criminalists, at that The entire time I read the book, I never had a clue as to who was the good guy Just when you think someone is okay, it flips Kept me guessing until the end, and then it got really crazy.Great series to start who is with me I realize that this review is nearly as long as the book but I felt is was important to lay the groundwork for the basis of the novel Jefferson Bass is the writing team of Dr Bill Bass and Jon Jefferson Dr Bill Bass is a world renowned forensic anthropologist who founded the University of Tennessee s Anthropology Research Center, informally nicknamed the Body Farm Jon Jefferson, a veteran journalist, writer, and documentary filmmaker, has written and produced two highly rated documentaries about the Body Farm for National Geographic On the campus of the University of Tennessee, lies few acres of ground known as the Body Farm, where donated, human corpses are left to the elements in a multitude of various states so that every manner of decay can be fully explored The Body Farm has broken cold cases wide open and revolutionized forensics for the sake of science and the cause of justice Dr Bill Bass and Jon Jefferson, aka Jefferson Bass, have now ventured into the realm of combining real world, groundbreaking, forensic anthropology with a series of fictional crime mystery novels This is the first book in theBody Farmseries that introduces a captivating and colorful protagonist, Dr Bill Brockton, who teaches Forensic Anthropology at UT, both in the classroom, and on site at the Body Farm.Dr Brockton is asked to solve the murder of a woman whose body was found hidden in a cave in a remote mountain community in East Tennessee Cooke County is a clannish, insular environment where no one trusts outsiders and nothing is quite what it seems.As Dr Brockton and his graduate assistant, Miranda, examine the woman s body, a heartbreaking picture emerges, the clues to her murder, clearly carved in her bone.Slowlyclues to the woman s murder are revealed, reopening old wounds and sparking up a long simmering, decade old fued The Sheriff, a very powerful and formidable opponent, becomes uncooperative, threatening to bring the investigation to a screeching halt But Dr Brockton can t ignore the facts he s uncovered and will stop at nothing to get justice for the woman who was murdered thirty years ago, even when it becomes clear that his life is being threatened, as well In addition, Dr Brockton must face his lingering guilt over the death of his wife, Kathleen, from two years ago Complicating matters further, he is also asked to present evidence in court against a medical examiner whose mistake during an autopsy may send an innocent man to life in prison for a murder he didn t commit I read this series many years ago and it s just as good, if notso, the second time around All the characters are vibrant and big as life Dr Brockton is a master of forensic anthropology and the evidence obtained from his tireless studies learned from the Body Farm add an amazing and new dimension to this crime mystery series The engaging humanity and humor that Jefferson Bass created in the characters is astonishing and refreshing Despite this and the groundbreaking science that outlines the plot, make no mistake, this is a twisted roller coaster ride at a heart stopping pace where real life is oftencreepy and terrifying than fiction I highly recommend it A friend recommended this series to me almost two years ago and I m embarrassed it took me this long to get to the first book If the first book is any indication, it s a great series I really enjoyed the blending of fact and creative story You learn a lot about forensic anthropology Good strong characters I ll be curious to see which of them outside the main character show up again.