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    Raistlin, Raistlin, Raistlin I am a Raistlin fan boy He is simply the only character that has kept me reading Dragonlance books so far This book takes place between Brothers in Arms and Dragons of Autumn Twilight Raistlin, Caramon, and Tasslehoff s cousin Earwig Lockpicker journey to Mereklar Legend has it that as long as there are plenty of cats in Mereklar the city will be protected, but that cats are disappearing at an alarming rate They unravel a mystery with the aid of the Cat Lord Bast A must read if you love Raistlin.

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    Raistlin, Caramon and a kender, What a perfect mix What starts out to be a mediocre story about lost cats actually turns out to be one of my favorite Dragonlance adventures Caramon and the lich was the best

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    Es terrible, pero al menos es mejor que los libros de Tanis y Tas S lo tiene dos estrellas por eso, porque este lo he podido terminar Empez muy bien Caramon no era tan tonto ni Raistlin tan Raistlin como en los dem s libros y eso me gustaba, pero no s en qu punto comenz a ir todo cuesta abajo y acab siendo una parodia de s mismo Todos los personajes conocidos eran OOC y los nuevos eran absurdos El supuesto misterio del libro no era misterio ninguno y el modo de llevar la trama demasiado cuestionable y sopor fero.Lo describen todo al m s m nimo detalle, se ve que para rellenar espacio, porque luego todo eso no tiene prop sito ninguno Tres p ginas describiendo c mo Raistlin hace una poci n una y media diciendo c mo el kender y Caramon abren una tapa Di logos est pidos, vocabulario a n m s est pido, y calidad literaria bastante, bastante abajo Me ha parecido m s un fanfic que un libro de la Dragonlance.

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    spoilers Kevin Stein drew the short straw when he was asked to write the further adventures of Dragonlance s most popular character s Guaranteed sales at the time, I m sure, but in terms of critical approval this was always destined to be a lose lose situation Had Stein created too much of an elaborate backstory or delved too deeply into the characters psyches, then there d be an outcry of only Weis and Hickman can do that and every minor contribution would be picked over to death Swing the other way and you have a boring, lifeless time killer that s destined simply to be not as good as Weis and Hickman Ultimately, this book will come as a disappointment to anyone enthralled by the Legends series and wanting another journey of such bombastic proportions You will not get that here Nevertheless Stein has done an excellent job of walking the road between those rocky hard places and delivering a tale that s satisfying, fun and true to the characters as they were created I enjoyed reading this a lot, though I m also a touch frustrated with it The trouble is, whilst Stein does indeed create a tale well worthy of the reading, as a prelude to the Dragonlance Chronicles it doesn t work Yes, Takhisis, Queen of Darkness is back and trying to enter the world of Krynn again, just as she did in Kender As a conceit it worked in Kender because the tale was never really meant to be taken very seriously, but here we have a character journey that doesn t mesh with the chronologically later books Ultimately, in the Chronicles, had Caramon and Raistlin been this aware that the God of all things darkness was trying to make her way back into the world things probably would have played somewhat differently This book would have been a better adventure for non Chronicles characters who maybe ended up dying or became perceived as mad Not Raistlin and Caramon.Still, we can brush these frustrations aside and enjoy a book that has a lot to offer, namely a fun central mystery involving missing cats and an oddly large reward and an almost slasher like vibe that occurs as town councillors are slowly dispatched by a rather large cat in gruesome, well written detail, whilst Raistlin and Caramon fall under the spell of Lady Shasta, and the relationship and subsequent bickering between the brothers is explored in delightful detail The pacing of the book is excellent and Stein resists the temptation to throw too much at the reader in one go, and as far as a light reader can manage, I think a good atmosphere is created.It s a shame that the climactic showdown isn t as well drawn Caramon fights some demons opens a casket and Earwig the Kender puts on a ring which blocks Takhisis entry to this plane It s all a bit quick, unfortunately Raistlin s mental showdown with Shasta, who turns out to be a Lich and Caramon had slept with her haw haw is tenser, but still over too quickly Still, I came away satisfied having got what I wanted from this book frankly, I got a lot than I d wanted, since I thought Stein was going to majorly fluff this assignment He doesn t, and it s another recommendable entry in the ever enjoyable Dragonlance saga Just ignore the wonky canon stuff Oh, and maybe it would be nice to have a Dragonlance novel without a Kender sidekick now though the recurring Dizzy hoopak joke and Earwig s discovery of women still made me laugh, I confess.

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    As always really enjoyed reading about some of the companions who I have left for such a long time now, and the majere brothers are great favourites of mine I hate the way Raistlin treats Caramon all the time, ordering him about and being so unappreciative of all he does for him but when Caramon is hurt Raistlin shows another side to his character and gently tends to his twin Earwig the kender is as all kenders brave, enthusiastic and adverntures to the point of dangerous, but I just love it when there is a main character in the books who is a kender, makes the reading so much fun The evil demons as always get ousted but this time they are ousted by the cats who where the protectors of the town and the cat lord is awesome but then I love cats of all shapes, colours and size so maybe I was prejudiced in my enjoyment of this book

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    First prelude that actually was really well written and did not have spoilers for main series Book makes reader feel the emotionally charged relationship Majere twins have and it is better than original series in that aspect.

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    Raistlin, Caramon ve bir kenderin bulundu u bir yolculu un keyifli olmamas b y k bir hayal k r kl olurdu ama neyseki olmad stelik kenderleri birkez daha sevdim Kitaptaki en g zel konu man nda kenderler i in s ylenmi olan Siz zaten mucizesiniz oldu unu d n yorum Fakat bu roman iyi bir kitap yapm yor Bunu iki sebepten s yl yorum Birincisi ya anan olay n herhangi bir RPG oyunundaki yan g rev gibi hissettirmesi, ikincisi ise karakterlerin ki iliklerini gayet iyi bildi inizden ya anacak eyleri tahmin edebilmek Asl nda karakterlerin ki iliklerine sa d k yaz lm ho bir ey ama insan farkl bir eyler ar yor.Son olarak unu s ylemeliyim Bu kitap kronolojik olarak M zrak Destan n n 5 6 y l ncesinde ge sede Efsaneler Serisi nden sonra okunmas gerekiyor nk Ikizlerin S nav ndan ciddi bir spoiler i ermekle beraber baz g ndermelere sahip.

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    The main characters in Brothers Majere are Raistlin, Caramon, and Earwig They are on an adventure to find the missing cats of Mereklar The cats are said to be in the city to save them or destroy them So Raistlin and Caramon decide to go and find the cats for prize money So they head off to Mereklar The theme for this book is, people shouldn t trust people they just met An example of this is that the twins Rastlin and Caramon trust Councilor Shavas and she ends up being an evil un dead witch Another example is they also trust the leaders of the city and they end up being demons The last example is, Caramon trusts Earwig while he, Earwig, has an evil ring on his finger and ends up getting almost murdered by Earwig because he was possessed by the Dark Queen So the theme for this book is, people shouldn t trust people they just met I really liked this book The only thing I really think is bad is that they re trying to find missing cats I felt like that was just grasping for ideas Although it is pretty funny Other than that it was really good It had really good parts and exciting parts too It was really good.

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    BROTHERS MAJERE is far from a great book, but I think I enjoyed it purely because it s a lot better than the other Dragonlance Preludes I ve read so far such as KENDERMORE This serves as a stand alone adventure for twin brothers Raistlin and Caramon Majere, although they re saddled with a kender Tas from the original trilogy in all but name, which makes me suspect that the character was written as Tas and the name simply altered when the author found out he couldn t use him as he was in his own stand alone adventure.The Preludes serve as mini adventures for the main characters of the Chronicles trilogy They re slight and contain stories never alluded to in any other books in the series, so how much you enjoy them depends on your like of the characters, really Luckily, Raistlin is by far the most interesting character in the whole Dragonlance universe, so Kevin Stein had things a little easier than the person who wrote KENDERMORE, for example.This is an atypical adventure that reads like of a detective story Caramon and Raistlin are assigned to investigate the mystery of some disappearing cats sounds like an Enid Blyton story, I know in a sinister city There are surprisingly grisly murders galore, along with mysterious supporting characters, and it all ends in a large scale battle involving demons and gods It s hardly great literature, but as a pulp adventure it works and is fairly readable.

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    This is an older attempt at continuing the story of Raistlin Magere the early years that has mostly been made obsolete by the later installments by Margaret Weis in the Raistlin Chronicles This particular work of the preludes remains interesting mostly as a study in what happens when characters in a series are placed in the hands of new authors the dynamic between the twins is very different in this work from any others written by the two lead authors on the series Let it serve as a warning for anyone who hopes that eventually a world like Harry Potter will be opened up for new authors to fill in the gaps the names might be the same, but the identities are destined to morph In this case, Raistlin s sharp edges are softened somewhat and Caramon s character reduced to an even greater simplicity than before That, and these two soon to be great heroes are solving a mystery involving cats and contrived references to Egyptian mythos It s not a terrible book by any means, but as part of the Dragonlance story it fails to entice.