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The Legend Of Raistlin S Daughter A Strange Story That Cannot Be Confirmed, Yet It Is Whispered Among The Elves Of Silvanesti, Gossiped About By The Kender Of Krynn, And Told Here For The First Time By Caramon, The Enigmatic Mage S Surviving Twin A Wondrous New Novella Journeying Into Secrets Of The Heart And Rumors About The Past That Have Bearing On The Future Of Krynn Plus Ten Exciting Short Stories Untold Tales Of Chivalry And Affection, Heroic Quests And Foul Villainy, Magic In Battle And Transcendent Defeat Featuring All The Beloved Companions And Fantastical Creatures Of The Best Selling Dragonlance Saga The Story That Has Entrhalled Over Three Million Readers Worldwide, As Created By Margaret Weis And Tracy Hickman

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    The 3rd book in the Tales series and so far, imho, the best Or least bad, however you see it The focus lies on love and war, be that war as we know it or struggling with feelings or being trapped in a dangerous situation Love prevails, be that love from a lover, friends, and so on Several decent stories, though overall nothing extraordinary There s stuff about dragons, stags, and even the Companions are featured Goldmoon, Riverwind, Tasslehoff, Laurana, Raistlin, Caramon, Yes, Raistlin apparently made love to someone and became a father Not such a wow story, though And there s even a telling about Huma against the Dark Queen Makes me want to read the novel about Huma for a better impression, because the Tales one is rather poor Michael Williams s effort. I just couldn t finish it Was it about Sturm getting killed by Kitiara on the tower He wrote in such a way that it spoils all the fun Just tell it like it is and don t use 2500 words to say it was war and war isn t fun So, again, fairly decent offering, but like the others nothing outstanding.

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    I didn t like the first two tales since they felt disconnected from the main characters of this world and I only flipped through the last one which had an interesting story but it was written in a really boring way as a letter And Raistlin s Daughter eh, I m not a fan of boink or die stories But I loved the story about Tas kenders are always fun and the one about Goldmoon and Riverwind.

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    great book to read over all and I think most of the stories great also expeshally tords the end with the ending of a war and the legend of Raistlins daughter To add to that I would have to add that love and war is the best out of the set from a lot of origin stories of the main characters.

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    There were many excellent stories in this anthology I especially enjoyed the first two stories, which did not feature any of the companions These and others were almost bordering on being real literature except for the magic and the dragons and everything.

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    Sad stories.A few nice back stories for those looking for some fill of what happened before the first Chronicles trilogy But most of them rather depressing.

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    This is a compilation of short stories set in the Dragonlance setting and is the third of the series known as Dragonlance Tales, the series was later names Dragonlance Tales I after a second trilogy of books named Dragonlance Tales II came out These books were released following the success of Dragonlance Chronicles and Dragonlance Legends I suspect at the time the hunger from fans of the series warranted TSR who owned the copyright at the time to come out with something quick to appease their fans These novel includes ten short tales A Good Knight s TaleA Painter s VisionHunting DestinyHide and Go seekBy The MeasureThe ExilesHeart Of GoldmoonRaistlin s DaughterSilver and SteelFrom the Yearning for War and War s EndWhile I am not a big fan of short stories they re are a few memorable ones that feature the companions from the original series Hunting Destiny tells the story of the White Stag and the Forest Master from Dragons of Autumn Twilight it also features the undead warriors of Darken Wood Hide and Go Seek tells a tale before the events in Autumn Twilight and feature Tasslehoff, Flint, Tanis, Caramon, Raistlin and Sturm The Exiles tells the tale of a young Sturm Brightblade Heart of Goldmoon tells the tale of how Goldmoon and Riverwind fell in love right before Riverwind was sent to search for the Blue Crystal Staff Raistlin s Daughter is a tale of Raistlin and Caramon right after Raistlin s test in the Tower of High Sorcery and is a legend about Raistlin possibly fathering a child and From the Yearrning for War and War s End is about the battle at the High Clerist Tower from the point of view of a Solamnic soldier.This is my second time reading this and I only read it cause I am determined to read every book in the series and while I can do without some of the stories the ones with the companions gives some good insight into these characters.

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    This is another Dragonlance novel from the Dragonlance Universe, and it is the third book is the Tales I collection It is also a collection of short stories This anthology includes the titles A Good Knight s Tale, A Painter s Vision, Hunting Destiny, Hide and Go Seek, By the Measure, The Exiles, Heart of Goldmoon, Raistlin s Daughter, Silver and Steel, and From the Yearning for War and War s End I am not a big fan of the short story collections published under the Dragonlance label, but I do give them a chance because I love the world of Krynn and I love the majority of the characters That being said, this collection was not great, by any means, but it was the least horrible one of the Tales I collection.I understand that the world of Krynn originated as a Dungeons and Dragons type world, so TOR likes to let many people write for the world, but some of the stories just do not work The characters either feel all wring or they just fall flat, and many of the plotlines feel forced.So, if you are on the quest to read every Dragonlance novel, have at it You will find a story or two that are good, but honestly, there are better anthologies out there.

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    4 Love and War edited by Margaret WeisGenre FantasyPages 365Acquired Prior to 1999Book of Your Shelf YesWhy I have read it Part of DragonLance world rereading all , Third in a series, January 2011 TIOLISeries DragonLance, Tales 3A book of short stories aboutyou guessed it.love and war, and occasionally both at the same time Most of the stories were entertaining and a few were quite nice to read.I would not recommend this book series as a place to start if you have not read any other DragonLance books, as you may not recognize the people or events This would greatly take away from the stories However, if you have read a few and you would like a quick peak into the characters lives before and after their novel worthy deeds, I m sure you would enjoy this.3 5

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    I don t remember much about this book it may have been one of the few that I rented from they library, intead of owning A Painter s Vision is fun, which is odd to say about something that s basically a tragic story, but I like the character of the fasion obsessed dragon I think I mostly loved this book for the beautiful cover art from Raistlin s Daughter , even if I think the female character may have been a Mary Sue spoilers Nothing too obnoxious, just a perfectly beautiful, fragile, mysterious, magical character who steps into the story long enough to make love to a main character, and then dies tragically.

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    Ugh Love Not love, surely groan I kid, I kid The third volume in the Dragonlance Tales trilogy is as good as the first two The strength of this series is that the writers selected to contribute stories are all above average writers This is not hack writing, full of tired cliches and boring plots Each of these stories is well written and engaging Berberick is still my standout favorite and even the difficult Michael Williams contributes a very powerful story about the horrors of war.