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Before The War Of The LanceThe Companions Have Gone Their Separate Ways, Each Vowing To Return With News Of The Growing Darkness In Ansalon Sturm Brightblade, A Warrior Whose Honor Is His Life, And Kitiara, A Passionate Woman Of Uncertain Loyalties, Travel North In Search Of Sturm S Long Lost FatherBefore They Reach Their Destination, A Band Of Gnomes Begs For Their Help But Nothing With Gnomes Ever Goes As Planned The Two Adventurers Are Soon Thrown Into A Perilous Adventure That Will Take Them Beyond The Realms Of Ansalon, Through Love And Hate, To Darkness And Light

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    This was the first book I ever read I don t care if, by comparison, it is derivative or obvious It will always remain special to me I wasn t a reader My father took me to the bookstore one summer day and said that I could pick out any book to read so I picked up this one but the old cover with the pink borders I wasn t sure I would even read it But once I started I couldn t stop That summer I must have read than 20 Dragonlance books thank God for used book stores And since then my book obsession hasn t ceased.

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    A disappointing read, but then I wasn t expecting much even the Weis Hickman original Chronicles trilogy disappointed me when I read it again a few years ago, for the first time as an adult.DARKNESS AND LIGHT, the first in the Preludes sub series which tells of the early life of Sturm and Kitiara is firmly pitched as a children s adventure story Characterisation is nil seriously, there s no character arc or development in the entire story Sturm and Kitiara start out as exactly the same characters they end as, and they don t even seem to learn any lessons during their lengthy adventures.The blurb indicates that the story will follow their journey to Sturm s ancestral birthplace, but along the way there s a MASSIVE detour that takes up no less than two thirds of the novel It involves a trip to Lunitari, one of Krynn s moons No real attempt is made to explain how the characters are able to travel through space and survive other than a lame it s magic cop out Surely if it was this easy, any flying characters in the book series would just spend their time roaming the reaches of the universe rather than staying cooped up on one planet.Gnomes also play a major part in the story Having detested the presence of the gnomes not to mention gully dwarves in the original Chronicles, I was dreading meeting them, but I m surprised to report that they weren t quite so irritating here They actually grew on me as the story progressed, even if they re mostly around for the purpose of lame humour At least that s something, rather than the non events that are Sturm and Kitiara.Certain events in the book are mildly interesting, especially the stuff involving the inhabitant of the obelisk on Lunitari The authors keep you guessing as to intentions throughout, which is about the only mystery ambiguity non obviousness in the entire thing However, the ancestral birthplace type stuff turns out to be a red herring come the climax it s extremely rushed, and disappointing, by the way and the many action sequences depend far too much on coincidence and plot contrivance to be genuinely thrilling.My own journey continues to find a decent Dragonlance novel that I can enjoy as an adult reader

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    This book was great If you want to see SturmHerd cattle, fly to the moon, become king, fight tree men, ride giant ants, adopt a young girl, buy raisins, see ghosts, have visions, use magic, cut off someones arm, change clothes, make a girl get angry at him, reject a helpless dragon, eat plants, lead a gnome mining expedition, unbutton a knight s tunic, get tricked by a wizard, get stuck in a storm, obtain super fast healing powers and go sailing, this is the book for you

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    During my freshman year of high school one of my first assignments was that I had to pick a book to write a book review on, and I chose this book My English teacher gave me a little push back before allowing it He had important things on his mind at the time, such as sharing all his racist views about the OJ trial with his students You should have seen him when the verdict was announced He was absolutely livid, so we didn t do anything in class for the rest of the week.As I recall, the book was fine.

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    This is a terribly silly book, that really doesn t do justice to the two main characters Also, it doesn t fit with the continuity of the Chronicles series that takes place after in some rather crucial ways Dragons existing, draconians existing, etc.That said, it s an amusing enough gnomish romp, and I bet my very young child will enjoy it when he s old enough.

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    Gnomish misadventure reigns supreme.

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    The main characters are Sturm, Kitaria, Birdcall, Wingover, Sighter, Roperig, Fitter, Flash, Bellcrank, Cutwood, and Rainspot Sturm and Kitaria are going to go to Solamnia, where Sturm is from Later they run into the gnomes Birdcall, Wingover, Sighter, Roperig, Fitter, Flash, Bellcrank, Cutwood, and Rainspot The gnomes offer Sturm and Kitaria transportaiton to wherever they want in a flying ship, if they help them set the ship free So Sturm and Kitaria are trying to get to Solamnia in a flying ship The theme is, people never change even if they move somewhere else One example of this theme is, Kitaria is always power hungry, She leaves with Sturm and is always power hungry the entire book Another example is, Sturm is always talking about honor and even while he is traveling with Kitaria is still about honor The last example is the gnomes, they are always inventing things or testing things throughout the book That is why I think the theme is, people never change even if they move somewhere else I enjoyed this book It has some unexpected parts in it There is one thing I don t like, that the characters never change Other than that it is a pretty fun book The charachters are well explained but don t change The book also has a lot of exciting parts where you don t know if they are going to make it or not But over all I really enjoyed this book.

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    There are parts of this book I quite like The personalities of the gnomes are fascinating, and there are good character scenes between our main two protagonists Unfortunately, there s a lot here that needs work The book meanders and seems to have no real focus There are way too many unnecessary little adventures before the trip to the moon and after the trip that make the book seem like a collection of vignettes than anything else, which would be fine if the trip to the moon was of the same length, and not so much longer than any other vignette There are also times when the characters seem to act out of character simply to move the plot along Its not a bad book, but it feels like an early draft that needed polishing.

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    If read like a fanfiction of the original Dragonlance volumes, this can be quite the interesting and fun start to a new trilogy with characters we love Though Sturm and Kitiara are displayed in a very flat manner, making their characters seem one dimensional Kitiara, evil and selfish, Sturm, an honourable and immovable man However, it was a fun read Light hearted The gnomes were hilarious and to have them within a Dragonlance novel for such an extended time was quite different and fun A very light hearted prelude before the darkness that takes over Krynn.