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I always loved the character Kitiara She was one of the ones who you knew upon first meeting her that she made the best of a hard life And I usually love any of the Dragonlance books where she plays an active role, but this one left me feeling a bit meh Her character in this one, though she is meant to be the main, always came across as one standing outside the window and looking in always seeing what was going on, but always on the fringes of the event Someone else seemed to always steal my attention in every key scene, and it was not fair to Kitiara.It was almost like the author could not figure out the character making her clever and strong in one chapter then a chapter or two later, she comes across as a weak, dull witted damsel.If you want her history, here it is, but the character, as she came across in this novel, could have used a lot time on the editing table. I expected Dark Heart to be a struggle I was never a fan of Kitiara, and after finishing this book, I don t like her a bit I feel like I understand her a little better though Where she came from, her drive to get away from it and make her own way The story told isn t bad, and the writing is passable, but the fact I just don t like the main character kept it from getting than 3 stars That being said, it s worth a read, to see a bit into the past of both her and her twin brothers. Obsession At Long Last, The Story Of The Beautiful Dark Hearted Kitiara Uth Matar This Compelling Novel Tells The Story Of The Birth Of Her Twin Brothers, The Warrior Caramon And The Frail Mage Raistlin, And Kit S Admirable Role In Their Upbringing But Her Youthful Mercenary Deeds And Increasing Fascination With Evil Throw Her Into The Company Of A Roguish Stranger And Band Of Adventurers Whose Fates Are Intermingled With Her Own Haunted By The Memory Of Her Solamnic Father, She Hunts Him Ceaselessly Tina Daniell S First Novel Brings To Life This Remarkable Warrior Woman, Whose Credo Of The Sword Is Truth Becomes Her Triumph And Downfall Well Kitiara, considering how you were in The Chronicles, this origin story took me by surprise It started off well enough, showing how she helped raise her half brothers due to her mother s illness and segwayed into how she eventually came to work with mercenaries Kit led a tough life and wanted nothing than to adventure away from her boring home life, find her missing father and become rich and powerful.The pace did slow down a bit once she became enad by a passing royal during one of her stints home in Solace and it was sort of an eye roll moment for me, but she never once became a love sick puppy which I appreciated It would have ruined her tough as nails attitude.I enjoyed reading what little there was about Rasiltin in this book Hands down he will be my favorite book character of all time.I was hoping to see of how Kit became drawn to the Dark Queen s forces as we see her in The Chronicles, and how in the world she came to be a dragon rider I m guessing in the Preludes series there will be on this.Overall it wasn t bad I felt Tina Daniell did a pretty good job of sticking to Kitiara s personality and keeping her choices mostly within the realm of what I felt Kit would do, but some of the plot points needed work. Think Jack Kerouac s On the Road, but with swords and mercenaries.Bit of a rushed tacked on ending with her trajectory later in the series. It was a good enough story, I suppose However, the narrative tended to drag, in parts This caused the ending to be very rushed Some of the action scenes could have been done a little better, too Having read some other Dragonlance stories, I found some events not covered as well as I would like I hope the last three stories in this sextet cover the events not dealt with here. Reads almost like literature One of my favorite Dragonlance novels. My rating is 2.5 stars.A book set in the world of Dragonlance This one tells the story of Kitiara s childhood and how her father affected her to be the woman we see in the original trilogy One does not need to read the original trilogy to understand the plot and know the characters in this book.Unfortunately, this book fell short and is a shame since this could have been so much better I liked the insight to the main character and one does get a glimpse of how she becomes the woman we already know I loved the scenes with the twins as children and during these scenes, they actually stole the spotlight The problem with this book is the main adventure isn t engaging There were a couple of side adventures that resulted from the main adventure and those were enjoyable But the main adventure never grabbed me and I never fully cared about the adventure.The only way I can recommend this book is for fans of this world These readers will love seeing Raistlin and Caramon as children and how they develop I believe other readers will enjoy this aspect but not nearly as much as the die hard fans. I knew I wasn t going to enjoy an entire book of Kitiara, but what can I say I was a Dragonlance completist, once upon a time before they published all those additional crap series. The third book of this series focuses on Kitiara s younger days and how she took care of the young brothers Caramon and Raistlin The parts about Caramon and Raistlin are very good as they shed light on their childhood and their unique relationships with each other as well as Kitiara which gave it an extra star The parts about Kitiara were disappointing though Her character is very unique and has the potential to have very intriguing plot built around her Too bad the plot fell short It was like reading a couple of disjointed trivial short stories.