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It was great to see the companions back together again I started this trilogy many years after reading the original chronicles and I was so happy to read about the group Tanis, Flint, Sterm, Tass, Caramon, Raistlin, Laura, and even Kit So much fun This book takes the reader on an adventure that is basically a companion to the original chronicles What happens in this series is kind of what happens in between those first books You see the companions save slaves and escape the dark forces They find the door to get into the ancient dwarven land and eventually hunt of a magical hammer.This was a fun read, but spending so long underground in the dwarf tunnels and caves grew boring after a while, thus the reason for four stars and not five. This is a standalone novel that takes place after the events of Dragons of Autumn Twilight and before Dragons of Winter Night.We ve got all the heroes of the lance.Tanis and Flint seeking out the dwarves in Thorbardin.Raistlin drawn to a place called Skullcap.Sturm seeking out the Hammer of Kharas.Tika and Tasselhoff on a quest to save the ones they love.This is such a great world Such great characters.600 pages of awesome The entire Lord of the Rings wasn t much than that Hey Jordan, Goodkind and Rothfuss you don t have to write encyclopedia s to tell a tale IF you tell it right.I really liked this book Not sure if I would have liked it without having previously read Dragonlance Chronicles and Dragonlance Legends I recommend reading them first but I have and I did I would ve preferred scene time for Raistlin but that s just because I m a fanboy.I would recommend if you ve read the other Dragonlance books.I would not recommend if this was your first Dragonlance book there are better places to start e.g Dragonlance Chronicles for instance Good story, good tale, good time Tanis And Flint Seek Out A Haven In The Dwarven Kingdom Of Thorbardin While Raistlin Is Strangely Drawn To The Haunted Fortress Known As Skullcap Sturm Seeks The Legendary Hammer Of Kharas, And Tika Embarks On A Perilous Journey To Rescue Those She Loves From Certain DeathBut It Is The Dwarf, Flint Fireforge, Who Faces The Most Crucial Test The Heroes Race Against Time To Save The Lives Of Those Dependent On Them And Flint Is Forced To Make A Difficult Choice, One On Which The Future Of Mankind May Rest The thing I m most impressed by is Hickman and Weis s ability to draw me into a story whose ending I already know This book takes place between books one and two of the Chronicles, and I ve read the Chronicles and the Legends, so I have the full picture in mind Somehow, though, I cared what happened in this book and how it happened The original authors make their world come to life like nobody else, but it s also being reunited with all the Companions that I loved I found a website that claims that Hickman and Weis directed their readers to read this trilogy after Chronicles and Legends, but you could also read it between Dragons of Autumn Twilight and Dragons of Winter Night There are some inside jokes, little winks and nods, that readers who got through the other trilogies first will pick up on, but it s not necessary to read them first to understand this book Another website pointed out that this book is concerned with illusion, and that s a major theme things and people aren t what they seem Another major theme, though, is hope, symbolized by a chicken feather Chickens can t fly, but their feathers can float I recommend this book, just as I ve recommended all the other DL books I ve read I ve never read one I didn t like, and I m excited to read. I read this book after The War of Souls trilogy This book is a disappointment for me The characters and the plot is not good enough to like.I just read whole book and it does not impress me.Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman wrote a sub story for the Heroes of the Lance We know all of the characters from the main books of Dragonlance, the base of the characters are ok, they are well known, they have their uniqueness but the book does not add anything to these characters.The plot and sub plots look like a role playing game, characters are encountering some challenges and they accomplish this challenges But nearly all of them are predictable.I will write detailed review later. I m so glad that the passage of the time did not diminish my enjoyment of this book If anything, it was really really nostalgic and a very satisfying read.All of the Companions are back again it s like going back in time and remembering the time I was reading the Chronicles again You find yourself falling in love with all the wonderful characters again.The story tells of the events after their escape from Pax Tharkas at the end of book 1 of the Chronicles It tells the story of how the refugees set out to seek refuge in Thorbardin, as well as the companions adventures inside the dwarven kingdom.Knowing what was to come in Chronicles book 2 still the one book that evoke the strongest emotions from me and 3, it was both endearing and sad to find out what happened in between.Highly recommended for readers who enjoyed that wonderful trilogy written so many years ago. ok zlemi im bu grubu yine y llar sonra zevkle okudum Ama Tas tek ge erim Dragons of the Dwarven Depths fills in the gaps between the first two books in the Chronicles Dragonlance series It covers what happens to the refugees that had been kept prisoner in the first book, and how Tanis and co found the Hammer of Karas and convinced the dwarves in the underground city to reopen the mountain and join the fight against the dragon army.The action is unrealistic and overwhelmingly daft It manages the impressive feat of being even slapstick than the main series If you have read the Chronicles series you will already know how this book ends so it s hard to be convinced that the characters are ever in any real danger There were long bits that were just boring Far too long is spent with the refugees at the start of the book deciding whether to stay in the valley they re hiding in or not The characters are just bickering and fighting for power and I just really didn t care.When they left the valley and set out on their quests it got much interesting It might be daft but it is a lot of fun following the adventures of this band of misfits Raistlin steals any scene he is in and the Kender Tas brings a bit of fun to the party.The world building was on point The ruined castle and the underground kingdom of the Dwarves were both vivid and interesting places It was fun escapism when it got going but big parts of the book were dull and dragged 200 pages shorter and it would be a decent read. I love the addition of the 3 Lost Chronicles books to the Dragonlance series.It was always a bit vague what happened in Skullcap and the Dwarven kingdom, between book 1 and 2 of Chronicles This book takes us on the adventures to both those places as well as some additional character development and of course some giggles. Via Book Reviews by Niki Hawkes at www.nikihawkes.comEven though the Lost Chronicles are the latest in publication, they actually fall in the middle of the Dragonlance saga chronologically It is an expansion of some events that happened that didn t quite make it into the original series Happy to have anything new from these authors, I was thrilled when it was released, and found it to be an incredibly nostalgic read.I don t think the original manuscript was a full trilogy, and so the authors had to add quite a bit of additional scenes to create a sustainable storyline This might be the main reason why certain elements were a bit repetitive The perspective jumps around between about a dozen characters, and unfortunately that means we get the thoughts on certain events and behaviors several times over as we go through each character s mental assessments There was also quite a bit of series recap, but that didn t bother me much it s been ages since I read the original story.The characters are what make this saga so enjoyable, and I must say my favorite in this book was Tasslehoff he is so delightfully irritating and cheerful that I have to give kudos to the authors for creating such a memorable character one of many.Overall, it was a fun addition totally entertaining the whole way through I highly recommend it for fans of the series.by Niki HawkesOther books you might like Dragon Wing by Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman Homeland by R.A Salvatore Specifically the Icewind Dale Trilogy Magician Apprentice by Raymond E Feist The Sword of Shannara by Terry Brooks Pawn of Prophecy by David Eddings