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By Virtue Of His Previous Four Books On The Subject, David Ray Griffin Is Widely Recognized As One Of The Leading Spokespersons Of The Truth Movement, Which Rejects The Official Conspiracy Theory About Although This Movement Was Long Ignored By The US Government And The Mainstream Media, Recent Polls Have Shown That The Rejection Of The Official Theory Has Become A Mainstream Political Phenomenon No Longer Ignoring The Truth Movement, The Government And The Corporately Controlled Media Have Released A Flurry Of Stories And Reports Aimed At Debunking It In The Present Book, David Ray Griffin Shows That These Attempts Can Themselves Be Easily Debunked Besides Demonstrating The Pitiful Failure Of Debunking Myths Published By Popular Mechanics And Endorsed By Senator John McCain , Griffin Riddles Recent Reports And Stories Put Out By The US Department Of State, The National Institute Of Standards And Technology, The New York Times, And Others He Responds To Criticisms Of These Efforts And Shows That The Charge That Is Regularly Leveled Against Critics Of The Official Theory That They Employ Irrational And Unscientific Methods To Defend Conclusions Based On Faith Actually Applies To Those Who Defend The Official Theory

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    I really appreciated this book it was a meticulously researched, well reasoned critique of the government s official story This book put into words what I suspected since that awful day that the official government story made absolutely no sense It doesn t matter that none of the other conspiracy theories make any sense either What matters is that the government had an obligation to provide the American people with a valid, reasonable, logical explanation of how such a horrible tragedy could have occured The government has failed miserably at that task, but anyone who points that out is usually dismissed as a crazy paranoid conspiracy theorist This book shows that many intelligent, sane, reasonable people are not buying the official story and with very good reason.

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    The real inside job, the most destructive one, is the control of the US media by covert intelligence agencies Even if one were disinclined to delve into Project Mockingbird, The Mighty Wurlitzer, etc representing, to be sure, the tip of the iceburg that has long ago punctured our listing ship of state , the outlines of Control can be clearly be seen in the coordinated ad hominem, fact challenged smear pieces that Griffin debunks in this book One can almost detect a single editorial voice tremulous, hysterical and shrill subject to Satan only knows what hidden, infernal, tectonic pressures As Adolph Hitler said in My Struggle How forunate for the leaders, that the people do not think This goes even for the sickening black bordered classist piss fest put out by The Chronicle of Higher Education two years ago Some views, snorts the subtext, we are above examining rationally Some views are worthy only of ridicule Well, the view in question, that there are holes in the official 9 11 story than a fucking swiss cheese, has gone mainstream And it has done so because guess what, Chronicle the ordinary people you chortle into your lace sleeves about are actually diligent scholars than you are, with the emotional fortitude to stare facts in the face, however grim, and arrive at independent conclusions Of these conclusions, Griffin, in this and his other books, provides a representative selection.

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    A friend of mine is a 9 11 conspiracy guy so I thought that I would check this book out I read the Popular Mechanics book first and found it to be very lacking in substance This book does not have that problem This book loads the reader with tons of facts and references that provide ample evidence to put Popular Mechanics and the official story into doubt An interesting read, no matter what you think about the whole situation.

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    This book seriously changed my life It s an exaggeration but I feel like I connected to it because I m always questioning authority and this book does that It strengthen my soul to know that such beautiful arguments exist I love this book It s a must read for anyone who is interested in proving others wrong.

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    Great book It sums up the stupidity of 9 11 Truthers.

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    The evidence that 9 11 was an inside job is overwhelming D R Griffin, Debunking 9 11 Debunking , page 1, line 1.In this book Griffin cautions truthers not to formulate testable theories because doing so may expose them to refutation Wise advice from a theologian But here are some of the let s say suggestions that he endorses Four airliners were taken over by remote control or switched for remote controlled planes Air defenses were stood down so that three of the planes could be flown into the WTC and the Pentagon The fourth, Flight 93, was shot down at Shanksville, PA, possibly to cover up that the passengers from the other three had been transferred to this one.There were several dozen phone calls from cabin crew and passengers to friends and relatives describing apparent hijackings No problem either these calls were impossible or they were faked by voice morphing Enough explosive charges and or thermite had been secretly planted in the twin towers to cause them to collapse top down, coincidentally starting at the levels where the planes impacted It was also arranged for the concrete of the floors to be pulverized to dust The attacks were pinned on some innocent patsies 15 Saudis, 2 Emiratis, 1 Lebanese, 1 Egyptian, and 0 Iraqis, so the USG would have an excuse to invade Iraq Borrow a copy, read and marvel

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    Griffin does a terrific job refuting the 9 11 findings of the Popular Mechanics de bunking book, as well as the 9 11 Commission My eyes did glaze over some during the highly technical discussion of the World Trade Center details, but only an absolute, complete, diehard Administration loyalist could come away not accepting that the official story is nowhere near the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

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    Awesome book and supported by so many facts Unfortunately ignorance is bliss and when you have the media who is eager for a headline story any uneducated idiot can pull what they want from the details of an event and say only what they want to say to prove their point Science is science and facts are facts Ignorant idiots should be placed back under the rock they came from since they refuse to educate themselves with ALL of the facts and truth.

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    My first foray into David Ray Griffin was quite enthralling Kind of makes me want to read the 9 11 Commission Report, and other documents he sought to debunk Minimal knowledge on the topic is required to follow along.

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    This book was difficult to get through because of the paranoid and scattered style in which it was written I found the documentary Loose Change to be a better summation of the truth movement s arguments.