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The Long Awaited Second Book In The Dystopian Matched TrilogyIn Search Of A Future That May Not Exist And Faced With The Decision Of Who To Share It With, Cassia Journeys To The Outer Provinces In Pursuit Of Ky Taken By The Society To His Certain Death Only To Find That He Has Escaped, Leaving A Series Of Clues In His Wake Cassia S Quest Leads Her To Question Much Of What She Holds Dear, Even As She Finds Glimmers Of A Different Life Across The Border But As Cassia Nears Resolve And Certainty About Her Future With Ky, An Invitation For Rebellion, An Unexpected Betrayal, And A Surprise Visit From Xander Who May Hold The Key To The Uprising And, Still, To Cassia S Heart Change The Game Once Again Nothing Is As Expected On The Edge Of Society, Where Crosses And Double Crosses Make The Path Twisted Than Ever

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    PsstStephanie Wake up, it s over Oh, man Did I fall asleep again It s not my fault Really, it isn t If only Crossed had just a little bit action and a lot less poetry, it would have been able to keep my attention focused on reading the book instead of hitting my REM cycle That s not to say I didn t entirely enjoy Crossed, but it also didn t live up to my expectations Crossed picks up where Matched left off Ky had been sent away to the Outer Provinces and Cassia is currently residing in a girl s work camp In this installment she travels to the Outer Provinces to find Ky, while he somehow escapes the Outer Provinces to be reunited with Cassia back in the Society A few new discoveries are made regarding the Society and an apparent rebellion called the Rising Along the way, enough poetry to give Maya Angelou a headache is recited and flashbacks to Ky s past are also included I had high hopes for this book mostly because I did enjoy Matched I enjoyed the Do not go gently theme and Condie s poetic writing style But for some reason it just didn t work out too well for me in Crossed I liked how the PoVs switched back and forth between Ky and Cassia In fact, I am a fan of that particular style, when done correctly However, in this case I found it difficult to tell who was who Cassia and Ky s voice sounded exactly alike to me I found myself flipping back to the beginning of the chapters to confirm who was narrating Because of this I slowly felt myself becoming disconnected from the characters even with learning further details about Ky s past The Characters One thing I did enjoy about the book were the introduction of the minor characters While traveling to the Outer Provinces to find Ky, Cassia teams up with a girl named Indie At first I really liked Indie because she was brave, sharp, and determined But around 77% of the book she seemed too sneaky to me and I didn t appreciate her lying to Cassia about the Rising At one point she even view spoiler asks Ky to travel with her to the Rising and leave Cassia hide spoiler

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    1.5 stars Spoilers for Matched and Crossed.Cassia wuvs Ky Ky wuvs Cassia They both wuv poetry and art Wuv Nobody else understands their wuv for poetry and art That s why they wuv each other Cassia and Ky s wuv is forbidden Wuv Society no approve of their wuv Sociey seperates wuv birds Cassia should wuv her Society chosen match Xander Xander wuvs Cassia, cos we can t be deprived wuv triangle Cassia confunded, does Cassia wuv Xander too Cassia has epiphany, she wuvs them both oh noes Wuv Cassia seaches for her wuv Ky Ky searches for his wuv Cassia Cassia s new friend Indie, wuvs Xander Indie fell in wuv with Xander after watching short video of him Wuv Indie never even met Xander but she still wuvs him oh the power of wuv The Resistance would wuv to destroy the Society Society does not wuv the Resistance Wuv Cassia would wuv to join Resistance Ky does not wuv the ResistanceResistance did not help save Ky s parents, whom he wuved The Enemy wuvs no one, so they fight the Society Society mad, it would wuv to kill the Enemy Wuv Cassia wuvs Ky but also wuvs idea of joining the Resistance Ky torn..he wuvs Cassia but does not wuv Resistance wuv in YA means you give up your all beliefs and principles so Ky join Resistance even though he does not wuv them just because of his wuv for Cassia Wuv, wuv, wuv, wuv, wuv, wuv The end. wuv, wuv.

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    no one told ally condie that the second book in a trilogy is not a resting place, not an opportunity to catch your breath and count your cash you gotta write something, too is that mean probably.is it true definitely.even though i wasn t crazy about matched, i wanted to read the next installment just to see where she was going with her brand of dystopia, and with these characters and also, truthfully, because i am such a sucker for covers, and i love these i think she might put time and care into maneuvering the art direction than the book s contents i am reading only YA fiction now, because it is fast and i don t have to focus too much on it because i have all sort of school that is important than leisure reading but this who told YA fiction it could be boring and ponderous and be basically a set piece to store your leftover overblown teen angst poetry it is still brisk paced, but you never get the sense that anything is actually happening, it is just a collection of words broken up by flashes of descriptive writing in italics that is meant to sound poetry but instead just gives unpleasant flashbacks to me at 16, weeping into my journal.everyone seems heavily drugged in this there is a lot of ruminating on the nature of beauty and color and art and loooove and poetry god such bad poetry and it just seems lazy okay, so you are going to use two narrators in this one good move, ambitious, but this is a split narrative between two people who have the exact same voice no wonder they are in love, it is as though they are the same exact character with the same exact way of expressing themselves what are the odds of these crazy kids finding each other and it s not just them none of the characters come into relief, for me they are all hollow seeming, mouthing their lines and emotions, working towards this idea of rebellion without seeming to understand what that means i just don t get a sense of urgency should we leave the canyons yeah, after the rain let s read some poems are people after us shrug, prolly.ramp this up this is what happens to people taken out of the rigid confines of the society they lounge around looking through old maps and remember their mommies and manage to have a love triangle even when only two of its members are even in the book the rising is going to eat you alive, unless everyone in that group shares the same voice, too, which would not surprise me, actually matched was ersatz dystopia, this book is ersatz survival, as the characters evade what has to be the slowest threat ever, and huddle together in caves and go rafting and climbing like some outward bound program for extremely sheltered teens but leaving them plenty of time to become dewy eyed with love and scribble away i marked a map for every deathfor every ache and blowmy world was all a page of blackwith nothing left of snowi bet xander s big secret is that he is glad cassia is gone because she is so flimsily constructed, and he is going to go into another book and try his luck there love triangle collapsed i do feel bad, but i am not saying anything i don t feel to be true, and this woman is going to make a ton of money with this series and the inevitable movie rights, so i don t need to be overly charitable here this book just isn t very good but it won t matter and because of my nature, i will indeed be reading the third book but it had better SHINE and not just the cover art this time.come to my blog

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    Rage. Hardcore TURKEY RAGE Happy Thanksgiving all my American buddies by the way What WAS THIS This was a book Really This didn t have the components of a book.Okaytotal components Allusions, characters, exposition, characterization.There really are no words properly defining my rage Ally Condie CANNOT tell a story A story should draw you in with its writing and send you off on an adventre that does a good job at blowing your mind Crossed did not do that It refused to do that In fact, if it were a living person, I d probably get beat up for asking what the story was Really, it s not there I swear to you, or else I d remember this book.And I don t.Already.What does that tell you about my attention span for this thingy Once upon a time, in my junior year of high school, I thought it d be fun to write a story And so I did Took me a year, but I actually finished a whole draft by graduation I didn t look at it forever, then beginning of my soph of college, I looked back at it, hated the fuck out of it, and started rewriting it, this time with the knowledge of how to write a series and using themes, motifs, character arcs, climax system, the works My baby s growing up so nicely and at the rate I m going, I could be sending queries by April Here s to hoping But, I can honestly say that the shitty, choppy, let me tell you a story and nothing else draft I finished in 2009 had depth than this discombobulated pile of rubbish.Crossed had this blurb In search of a future that may not exist and faced with the decision of who to share it with, Cassia journeys to the Outer Provinces in pursuit of Ky taken by the Society to his certain death only to find that he has escaped, leaving a series of clues in his wake.Cassia s quest leads her to question much of what she holds dear, even as she finds glimmers of a different life across the border But as Cassia nears resolve and certainty about her future with Ky, an invitation for rebellion, an unexpected betrayal, and a surprise visit from Xander who may hold the key to the uprising and, still, to Cassia s heart change the game once again Nothing is as expected on the edge of Society, where crosses and double crosses make the path twisted than ever. I will say that, though the blurb is indeed true to an extent, it is far far FAAAAR boring than it sounds And with a cover with as painful a position as this piece of work Yeah No thanks.I d like to look RELAXED when I m smushing my boobs and drinking coffee before getting on my toes and breaking my blue bubble shield Crossed attempts to tell the story of Cassia s struggles to find Ky and the Rising to stop the Enemy and the Society and the Capital Letters from being Misused or Strangely Placed in awKward positionS because it s STUPID.I m cool I m coollet s get to the breakdown.Le writing As much as this book infuriates me above all reason, I have to give a second star to Condie and her ability to incorporate awesome poetry as well as the ability to write some decent scenes I only wish these fabulous scenes existed THROUGHOUT THE WHOLE BOOK I mean, the scene where Cassia and Ky finally reunite Brilliant Adorable Love it to bits Everything leading up to that Dull Slow Boring Way too many robots.But as nicely as Condie can write when she feels like it, it doesn t cut it This book is a huge massive mess We don t know what anyone is talking about, and we re forced to cope Again Just like Book the First However, guess what Cassia and Ky have that the Hunger Games cast doesn t CHARACTER ARCS YAAAAAAY Cassia is actually changing, and thank god I see some sort of hope in this book even if the spine of the story is deteriorated to absolutely nothing.I will reiterate Condie cannot write a story She cannot follow the POVs of two different characters It s different POVs for a reason Ky should not sound like Cassia, and Eli should sound a lot younger than the oldest kid Hunter This comes into the importance of character voices I mean, doing a voice should be easier in 1st person because you can use fragments and be as choppy as you damn well please I know I got a second story involving zombies It follows a hard working police officer and a cynical math sub who hates where his futures going What would happen if they sounded the same It would sound like this book It d be dull, terrible, and so snail paced, it s not even funny Having structure also helps a fuckton, but Condie doesn t know that yet.I swear, every time I felt myself getting bored, my eyes would stare at the invisible camera like this CharactersCassia and Ky were basically the same person They started out having difference, but no, they blended into one being by the end of Crossed I was happy though, that we got a few new characters who were interesting and had voices all their own Eli and Indie.Indie was the shit She was determined and fierce I fucking loved her I m so glad that we didn t get her POV because I feel that Condie was going to use her poetic magic to make her a robot like Ky and Cassia These characters have the potential, they really do But again, Condie just can t deliver I hate to say it, I do, but it pisses me off so much that this book fails because that potential is indeed there I see it I don t understand the need for the love triangle I keep forgetting that this was supposed to be one, but it s clearly not happening any Xander has gotten no screen time in this series He s just a name that s plucked out of one of the bajillion blue tablets once in a while Ky s also grown into a dick so I say Cassia should just wander off on her own.Also, what about the rest of her family Cassia s all KY KY KY and not about Mr and Mrs Reyes, Bram, anybody Her best friend Emma That Norah chick or whoever Or how about that Mira girl from page 20 that we never see again ever My rule for those one scene characters is to give them at least a few lines of dialogue if I m going to name them I know I have a number in my first book, but when they re there, they are actually driving the plot THEY ARE DOING SOMETHING.This was just bogus Nonsensical dumb stuff.SPEAKING OF WHICHDAT PLOT STRUCTUREIf you tell me that there is proper structure in this bookThere is structure, but it is a skeleton It follows a completely different premise of the first These two don t even feel like they LINK together, you know Cassia just says, I gotta find Ky in Matched, and then POOF, she s already at the Outer Provinces The fuck Oh, and lemme list all the capitalized things in this book Because I found it necessary.ReclassificationThe PilotThe RisingThe CarvingThe Outer ProvincesThe SocietyThe CitizensThe WarmingThe EnemyThe AberrationsThe AnomaliesThe WHY ARE YOU DOING THAT.Out of all those things, I can really tell you in detail whatthree of them are Condie just lists these things like, We don t want another Warming YOU GUYS KNOW WHAT THAT IS RIGHT Too bad, we re moving along Like fuck, woman, you have to inform me what the hell the Warming was, or what Anomalies are yeah we STILL don t know There are way too many questions right now that are just blowing my mind.The world buildingI tell yaI was also left baffled by some of the concepts Condie brought up in this book One in particular the red tablets effects Apparently, if one s immune to the red tablet, they re part of the Rising How does that work Are they born in non Society boundaries Why didn t Ky know this If you re Reclassified, how do the red tablets work THESE ARE IMPORTANT QUESTIONS.Oh and I don t feel like I m spoiling on you for this There is no climax No hint of a resolution of ANY kind other than, Derpaderp, you found the Rising Like the blurb fucking said Cassia would And lemme tell you, the paths are indeed twisted than ever.Every book in a series should have a climax Not a big battle, but something that will set the plans in motion for the next book This book, like Matched, just ends so fucking abruptly that I m left to go, WHAT HUH WHY YOU DO THAT The way Condie ends things just kills me Nothing is getting explained, nothing is getting worked out, and I m sick of going on about this series.It is not good.It s so annoying to read.I can t keep doing this to myself I m gonna finish up a good book One that has a plot, and an ending, and words that tell a story.asdfjlkbg

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    .This is actually getting 2.5 stars I m being nice.Sigh where to begin with this one You know that I try to be nice with my reviews and at least say something that I liked about a book before I go all crazy rant girl on it, so I guess we ll do a run down of what I liked about this second book in Ally Condie s Matched trilogy first Crossed did a good job of continuing the romance between Cassia and Ky, and honestly, I do like the romance between them Not too hot n heavy, not to whiney piney, it s sweet and simple I also liked the conflict that was created between all the relationships going on, even though we all know just how beaten to death love triangles are Cassia still doesn t know whether she should chose Xander, the guy she was originally matched with, or go with Ky who has shown her a whole new way of life Oh yeah, and what was going on between Ky and Indie Was anybody else wondering that Were they attracted to each other I couldn t tell, but this definitely peaked my curiosity and I wonder what will be going on between them in the futureThe new characters that were introduced in Crossed namely Indie, Eli, Vick and Hunter were all likable, if somewhat lackluster and underdeveloped I thought that Indie was strong and brave, which Cassia really needed while she was trying to survive in the wilderness, and I m glad that Ky decided to take Eli and Vick with him, so there was some interaction going on during his parts of the story Hunter was sort of a mystery, although we know that he has a sad background.I also liked the descriptive language used to paint a picture of what The Carving AKA the giant canyon that Ky and Cassia escape to was like For the most part, I was able to see the rugged landscape and the different settings that both Cassia and Ky traveled through, which created a stark contrast to the perfect, pristine setting of The Society from the first book Alright, so that s what I liked, now moving on to the stuff I wasn t a fan of.First of all let s not beat around the bush here the plot was one gigantic snooze fest And I m not just talking molasses in January slow I m talking lucky if you aren t comatose by the time you finish it slow.I find this to be an unfortunate yet typical issue with second books in trilogies it s why many avid readers call it Second Book Syndrome, because you are seriously lucky if you haven t died of boredom by the time you reach the end But Crossed really takes the prize for S.B.S in my opinion mainly because the narrative is reflective to the point of being totally ridiculous I mean, you re in the moment, and then all of a sudden, one of the characters starts reminiscing about some memory, or starts considering a leaf or a piece of grass and thinking, Wow, how beautiful This green leaf reminds me of the color of my Match banquet dress, and my mom and dad, and my childhood, and it s so pretty, what a beautiful blade of grass I think I will write a poem about it No, I am not making this up literally, the entire book is like this And what s , I don t understand the point of it None of the memories are ones we haven t already heard about from the first book, and they don t bring us to any mind blowing revelations about what s going on in the present They re just pretty and empty and I m sorry don t add much to the plot, except that I had to work that much harder to not fall asleep.My second issue with this series and this book in particular is that there is pretty much zero context or motivation for anything that is going on This is a problem not just with the main characters, but with the entire world that they live in I have so many questions that haven t been answered yet, starting with 1 WHO or WHAT is the Society and what is their purpose behind getting rid of all but 100 of everything example The Hundred Songs, The Hundred Paintings, The Hundred Poems , and then controlling everyone in the way that they do We re told that they want to increase efficiency and stop death, but how the heck does getting rid of music and paintings do this 2 WHO is The Enemy that is mentioned at least a hundred times throughout the story and what is their motivation for rising up against The Society and killing people in the Outer Provinces NOTHING is said about The Enemy, if you aren t counting the fact that they are called The Enemy This gives me the reader absolutely nada to go on do the main characters even know who on earth The Enemy is Wouldn t this be an important little tidbit of info to let us in on JUST SAYING.3 WHO are these people in The Rising and what the heck is their motivation To get rid of The Society The Enemy I am SO CONFUSED And also, why does Cassia want to join The Rising s rebellion so badly when she has no idea who they even are or what they actually stand for 4 What exactly was everyone s ultimate goal in this book Why were they wandering around a canyon for almost 400 pages I m sorry, but if I get to the end of a book and have little understanding of why anything just happened and I close the thing with a ginormous blank stare on my face you missed something Like, badly.So basically what I m trying to say is that, the writing wasn t bad and the characters weren t bad even though they are pretty boring too , but pretty much everything about Crossed was incredibly vague and confusing And forget about action because there wasn t any There was a lot of description, but unfortunately not in the places where I actually needed it This is similar to how Matched was written, but I can forgive Matched because it was the first book in the series and there was at least some action going on I expected that in this second book, there would be explanation about the Society and the Enemy, but unfortunately I was left even confused than I was at the end of the first book Crossed just seemed like a lot of aimless wandering around, without actually getting anywhere And it is very frustrating when you read something like this for the entire length of a book, but nothing is ever really explained about what everyone is trying to accomplish and why.So I don t know For me, this is just one those series that meets my most basic standards of being good, but never leads up to anything that really makes it stand out as being incredible or even really memorable I thought that the writing was good if somewhat bland in places, the narrative flowed well between Cassia and Ky s points of view, and there was nothing outwardly annoying in this book, besides the fact that I can t find a motivation for anything in this plot for the life of me My final comment would be meh And I hate having that reaction to a book.Lea LC s Adventures in Libraryland

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    Matched was one of my most favorite dystopian lit books That being said, I really looked forward to reading Crossed this year.Did it disappoint me No But there are a few things that, I don t know, let s just get on with it First of all, I was quite shocked when I found out that the book was written in two different points of view There s nothing wrong with it, but still, it had me thinking that without Ky s point of view, there would be a whole lot of holes to fill just to complete the story Plus, since the first book was written entirely in Cassia s POV, and this one with both Ky s and Cassia s POV, then the series isn t that consistent I mean, it would ve been great if Matched was written in Ky s POV also But still, I d have to say that I really like how Ally Condie decided to add Ky s POV here.Second, I m not really sure if it s just me, but one of the things that I really loved in Matched was how creative it was narrated, like somehow that words didn t sound like prose, but poetry In Crossed, it didn t seem as much But anyways, all in all, I loved Matched and I would give it a 4.5 if only Goodreads would allow us to give half stars Here comes the spoilers because I just can t help not sharing them If you re tempted to read them, go on ahead, they re only three anyway SPOILERALERT1 WHAT THE HELL Xander is part of the Rising Now I didn t see that coming All along, I thought that Xander s double crossing would have something to do with giving away Cassia s mad chase for Ky and bringing her back to Society or something.2 LOL, the love square is growing pretty quickly I hope that Indie does end up with Xander, so that Cassia and Ky will finally get together in the end.3 It s really quite annoying how hard it was to find the Rising yet it was so easy for them to just return Cassia to Central Not to mention, it s also annoying because I don t even know anyone from the Society yet, who the real leader is Because I was really looking forward for Ally Condie to shed some light on the Society Like in the Hunger Games, there was President Snow I m still looking for the Snow character in this series UHH, looking forward to Book 3 Can t wait to see if the Rising is just like the Society, like how District 13 was just like the Capitol in THG So excited

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    I really wanted to like this book But I found the task impossible While I loved Matched, I think Condie did not keep up the original ideas, tight plot, and romantic suspense that worked in the first book She tries using two narrators, but does not distinguish their voices Other than the heading on the top of each chapter to delineate who was talking, it was almost impossible to figure out who was the narrator The plot was completely lackluster Nothing really happens Most of the events in this book could have been condensed into less than 100 pages, but instead Condie drags them out with sappy scenes of her two lovebirds I like a little love story with my dystopian fiction, but this was overboard She also seems to be under the impression that readers think there might be a chance Cassia will end up with Xander We all know she s going to end up with Ky So why drag out the supposed love triangle It just made me feel that Condie doesn t respect the intelligence of her readers.I enjoyed Condie s beautiful writing in the first book, but I think she might have let the positive reviews of Matched go to her head Her use of forbidden poetry was not as interesting in Crossed, and the poetry she tries to use in her own prose was too much It got to the point where I was skimming because I just didn t care any, and I could tell Condie wasn t going anywhere special I was profoundly disappointed I gave this two stars instead of one because I think teens might get through this book without complaint, and because it was an easy read I m always angry if I ve put a lot of time into reading a book, only to be disappointed Crossed only required a few hours.

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    I feel alone in my feelings for this series I will admit that I enjoyed reading Crossed so than I did Matched Perhaps it was because I wasn t expecting much I liked getting into Ky s head this time around Crossed is told in two point of views, between Ky and Cassia Although at times I found it hard to differentiate between their two character voices, despite the chapters being titled Ky or Cassia And I liked getting to learn a little bit about Ky and his history Condie is an extremely talented author, I won t deny that she has a way with words I love her writing, but this story just doesn t work for me Crossed was slow paced, but again I was expecting that because of Matched I never felt like anything was happening Sure there are obstacles that the characters must overcome, but I never felt that gripping moment of heightened anxiety That hook that draws you into the story and doesn t let go As Crossed came to a close I felt rather disappointed It was as though we were, exactly where we left off in Matched, we know that the Society is keeping things from us, but we are no closer to solving it If anything, I m only filled with questions.

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    Crossed Matched 2 , Ally CondieCrossed is a young adult novel written by Allyson Braithwaite Condie It is the sequel to Matched and the second book in the Matched trilogy 2018 1396 408 9786008537144 21

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    1.5 stars.This was bad And boring I mean, the whole book wouldn t have been written if the two main characters had a DAMN CELL PHONE