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Genius You should dress like this Especially if you re a fat man Maybe some outfits are a little impractical if you re say, a welder, or anyone else who has to move around with ease in an unconstricted manner and not get caught on fire or trip But off the job Do it Please For me. I killer looks from this book I love Leigh Bowery Period. Great images of Leigh. This Book Is The Definitive And Indispensable Guide To The Unique Looks Designed, And, In These Photographs, Worn By Leigh Bowery One Of Britain S Most Heroically Ambitious Yet Underappreciated Designers And Performance Artists, Bowery Remains An Inspiration To Many Contemporary Fashion Designers, Though Few Are Willing To Admit It In Leigh Bowery Looks You Can See Why It Contains Previously Unpublished Photographs Of Bowery, An Extraordinary Body Of Work That Was The Outcome Of His Collaboration With British Photographer Fergus Greer Between And , The Year Of Bowery S Death