Free Textbooks What Christ Thinks of the Church: An Exposition of Revelation 1-3Author John R.W. Stott –

Good summary of the first 3 chapters of Revelation, and the significance of the churches to whom Jesus speaks. What Does Christ Think Of The Church In Chapters Of The Book Of Revelation, By Praise And Reproach, By Warning And Exhortation, Christ Reveals What He Wants His Church To Be Like In All Places And At All TimesIn This Book, John Stott, Known Worldwide For His Scholarly Writing, Explores The Fascinating Letters To Seven Churches Of The Ancient World With Many Insights For Our Church Today My Prayer Is That This Book May Help Church Leaders Grasp Where Christ S Priorities Lie There Is Much Here To Call Us To Repentance And Renewal, Much To Humble And Shame Us, Much To Warn Us Of The Malice Of Our Enemy, And Much To Incite Us To Fortitude And Perseverance A series of sermons now over 50 years old, but still the normative evangelical expostion of the Letters to the 7 Churches in Revelation A little dated when it starts dealing with current social issues, but the application is still valid, and the historical context is beautifully described. Added it Thoroughly Biblical and challenging Classic Stott a very clear and helpful exposition of the first 3 chapters of Revelation with just a brief look into what follows Thoughtful and illuminating on some of the background to the particular churches The application is perhaps a little general, which makes it both timeless, but also occasionally lacking punch. What Christ thinks of the church is a question of great concern to all Christians What we ourselves think of it from the inside and what others think of it from the outside are also important But far significant is the view of Jesus Christ himself, since he is the church s founder, head and judge.